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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review: from proof to photos and to autonomy

Emanuele Cisotti

Review Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Mi Note 10 Xiaomi, of course, attracted attention with its striking design and the presence of five cameras. But in practice, how does it behave? Let's find out in our review.

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Inside the black box it contains Xiaomi Mi Note 10 we also find a translucent silicone cover, a USB / USB-C cable, and a 30W power supply. Too bad due to the lack of headphones, the accessory is now extinct from Xiaomi packaging.

Design and ergonomics

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is built in a manner fine, The opaque metal profile tapers to the edges where the two glass panels join. This is a smartphone with a considerable size, but at least it is authentic in its name notesTo understand each other, the thickness is almost 10 millimeters (more precisely 9.7), and the weight reaches 208 grams. They are above average. This in itself is not a real drawback, but it is important to clarify that these technical specifications on the technical sheet together with the cone-shaped design basically mean one thing: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 – smartphone slipperyFortunately, there is a free cover, although it’s always a pity to “cover” such well-designed products. The smartphone is not resistant to water and dust.


Xiaomi smartphone has good hardware, but not the best. We are talking about a middle class product with top-level ideas. We have a processor Snapdragon 730G Octa Core from 2.2 GHz with the Adreno 618 graphics processor. The amount of RAM is 6 GB and we have 128 GB of non-expandable internal memory, but in UFS 2.1 technology. However, as we will see, an even higher speed would guarantee faster storage of images at a speed of 108 megapixels. Good connectivity: LTE up to 800 Mbps, Wi-Fi alternating current Dual band, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC chip. There are no notifications, but it is Fm radioInstead, imagine a fingerprint scanner below the display, on average quickly, but very accurately. There is also a 2D face release, so it’s not very secure. At the bottom there is an audio jack for headphones, details are always appreciated. The port is in USB-C format but does not have a video output. Also at the bottom edge we also find a mono speker. The quality is average, without special details worthy of attention.

SHEET: Xiaomi Mi Note 10


Definitely a reason to be interested in this. Mi Note 10 his cameras: good 5. The main one is a new sensor from 108 megapixelsl, is currently exclusive to this smartphone. It has a 1.7 / 1.7 hole and is also optically stable. Take thanks to technology pixel binning to resolution 27 megapixels, We also have a 12 megapixel camera 2.0 / 2.0, which acts as a 2x zoom, and a 5 megapixel stabilized camera ƒ / 2.0, which serves 5x optical zoomFinish a 20 megapixel camera wide angle lens and a 2 megapixel macro sensor. A classic extra lens that all manufacturers use to mark “+1” in their technical passport. Undoubtedly, Xiaomi's decision to adopt these four sensors is very reasonable and absolutely no coincidence. The main sensor has a very high resolution, as well as wide-angle, with a clearly higher resolution than competitors. And two zooms allow you to have different sensors to have different zoom levels, but all without digital zoom. Not avoiding: the photos are good, and in general the camera was at the height of our expectations. He probably lacks some programming magic from Google, Apple or Samsung (each in his own way), but the definition and quality are present even in 27-megapixel photos. This is important to clarify, because always shooting at 108 megapixels, because it can be done, has various disadvantages. First of all, this is the slowness of saving the received image: the operation also takes almost 7-8 seconds. In addition, HRD automation is lost, and the result files are very large (5 to 25 MB each). However, in this mode, you can shoot in cases where you have time to spend, and the difference in quality is noticeable. Despite the higher quality, it still makes sense to realize optical magnification, which remains unsurpassed in good lighting conditions, despite the lower resolution.

There is also a good night mode and the ability to also shoot manually and save RAW files, even if only in 27 megapixels. Finally, in addition to the more classic photo modes, there is also a new function for recording “vlog”, meaning rather short videos that are already mounted and ready for social networks. Even classic videos are generally good and can be recorded in 4K at 30 frames per secondStabilization is not perfect, but it is still very good and tested in difficult situations, as the Chemical Brothers concert turned out to be an absolutely perfect companion. Only the refocusing seemed to the dancer too frequent. Finally, the 32-megapixel front camera 2.0 / 2.0 is also discreet, which will give good selfies in almost any environment.

However, if there is a reason to choose a higher-end processor compared to a mid-range processor in 2019, this is also, first and foremost, how it can handle 108 million pixels. Snapdragon 730G deserves respect, but, of course, the entire camera interface is not as smooth as that of competitors.

Many photos have been modified to upload. Find the originals of these images in this zip file.


Mi Note 10 will also be known for its huge and beautiful display. 6.47 inch SuperAMOLED with resolution Full HD +. It also supports HDR10 and is curved around the edges. However, the drawback is so extreme in its forms: involuntary touch. Several times it happened to touch the corners during use, thereby activating unwanted functions. In general, however, the screen is very beautiful and confident effect. It also supports the new MIUI 11, which is always on, which also allows you to light up differently when you receive notifications.


This Xiaomi smartphone enters the market already updated to MIUI 11but no longer having Android 10 on board, instead focusing on the version 9 piesIn fact, tangible differences are minimal, if not almost imperceptible. However, we have a cleaner interface than in the past, with the ability to activate the dark mode, as well as change themes or activate convenient navigation gestures. Then we have security software, a second space for securing certain content, and software to maximize game performance, which always remains excellent in any context. Performance is good, but it still seems that there is some cropping, and a slight delay is not impossible, even outside the camera app.


Giant battery 5260 mAh and with everyday use, you can hear not only the weight of the smartphone, but also the autonomy that it can guarantee. Even with fairly intensive use, it is impossible to achieve two days, and in any case, the end of the day with a large amount of remaining battery power (about 30-40%) can become an everyday life for many. Wireless charging will not be present, but it certainly has a fast charge of 30 watts, which allows you to restore the battery in a short time for the second full day of the battery.


Xiaomi Mi Note 10 for sale in Italy 599 €the price, of course, is not indicated and to which various tops of the range now belong (just think that the Mi Mix 3 5G costs only € 100 more). It may be difficult to justify a similar price for a top-class Xiaomi smartphone, but by putting together the pieces of the puzzle, we understand that there is a reason for this price.

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Final decision

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is another product for the line of Chinese companies. Because it is not the top of the range, but it is not cheap. However, there is a reason: in this Mi Note 10 we find many new features that are not available on other Xiaomi devices, such as five cameras, one of which is 108 megapixels, a battery with a capacity of more than 5000 mAh and a beautiful curved SuperAMOLED display. This is not for everyone, but it performs its duties well.

of Emanuele Cisotti


  • 5 cameras (4 of them with meaning)
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Good display
  • Audio jack present

  • Not updated to Android 10
  • Very slippery
  • Hardware struggles to keep up with the camera
  • Price not included

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