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Windows 10 1809 doubles chances from last month | Adduplex

Windows 10 1809 "October 2018 Update" arrived about 12.4 percent of computers AdDuplex was analyzed, approximately three months after the distribution began (although it was interrupted almost immediately, approximately for 5 weeks, and it began to arrive automatically only in the middle of January). Comparing the data with previous months (November: 2.8 percent, December: 6.6 percent), we can say that, finally, the new version of Windows is beginning to spread at an acceptable speed – without prejudice to the fact that Microsoft has repeated, we have repeatedly adhered cautious approach, including due to several serious errors that appeared immediately after the release.

How easy it is to foresee, therefore, Windows 10 1803 “April 2018 Update” remains the most popular versionwith a share of more than 80 percent, while the rest remain crumbs. Instead, 0.2 percent of the computers analyzed use the build for Insider Windows 10 19H1, which, as we remember, will be released in a stable form in April 2019, and then in three months. Who knows whether by this time all systems (or most, at least) have already been translated to Windows 10 1809; It is difficult to make predictions, looking at the data so far.

Instead, analyzing the family of devices manufactured by Microsoft, I surfaceWe are seeing a rather curious phenomenon: chances of all the latest modelssuch as Surface Go, Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2, decreased compared to December, Surface Go remains the most common next-generation device, but dropped from 12.4% to 9.16. However, he remains the fourth absolute. The diffusion rating shows how the most successful product line – Surface Pro: Models 4, 2017 and 3 occupy (in this order) the first three positions.

Recall that AdDuplex collects statistics, tracking about 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that use SDK v2 to integrate advertisements. This month analyzed more than 100,000 pcsHe says.

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