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Waste tax, the most expensive South in the North: 351 euros against 258

A survey of expenses incurred by citizens on waste disposal in all capitals in 2019 concerns a family of three with a house of 100 square meters. On average, 258 euros a year are paid in the North, compared with 299 in the Center and 351. In the South. Out of 112 provincial capitals, taxes increased in 51 settlements last year, remained stable in 27 and decreased in 34.

Catania is the most expensive city The ten most expensive cities include Catania (504 euros), Cagliari (490), Trapani (475), Benevento (471), Salerno (467), Naples (455), Reggio Calabria (443), Syracuse (442) , Agrigento (425), Messina (419).

The most economical food And here are the cheapest cities: a tax costs 121 euros in Potenza, 167 in Udine, 168 in Belluno, 181 in Pordenone, 184 in Vibo Valentia, 185 in Isernia, 186 in Bolzano, 191 in Brescia, 193 in Verona, 195 in Trento and Cremona.

The most convenient regions In the ranking of the most convenient regions, Trentino Alto Adige is visible at the top (190 euros), followed by Molise (219), Basilicata (221), Friuli-Venezia Giulia (228), Veneto (234), Marche (235), Lombardy (241). ), Emilia Romagna (274), Valle d & # 39; Aosta (275), Piedmont (276), Calabria (296), Umbria (301), Tuscany (323), Lazio (325), Abruzzo (326), Liguria ( 333), Sardinia (345), Publius (373), Sicily (394), Campania (421).

Waste, delays and inefficiencies Cittadinanzattiva reports that “there are still delays and inefficiencies in many parts of the country,” explains Secretary General Antonio Gaudioso. “The transition to a circular economy called for in Strategy 202 still seems a long way off,” he explains. – We continue to fix the method of calculating costs, which does not take into account actually generated waste and therefore does not prompt a citizen to change his behavior. Territorial differences are very noticeable not only in terms of the cost of services, but also in terms of quality: living in one city instead of another may mean the availability of an expensive and unsatisfactory waste management service. "

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