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Veronica Burkelli before and after, old photos of the new thronist of man and woman

The photographs they show date back several years Veronica Burchielli in a less sparkling version than we are used to today. In the historical frames of the new thronists "Men and women“Also, thanks to her very young age, Veronica looked a little different than she is today. More rounded, less used to posing in front of the camera and, of course, much younger. These are photos that go on the network and which confirm that Veronica cares about the body and face.

Who is Veronica Burchielli?

Founded in 1995 in La Spezia, Veronica lives with her grandparents, with whom she is so closely connected that she introduced them to Alessandro Zarino, the former thronist who chose her, during their last walk. She is a university student and admitted that she had several feeding problems and self-esteem when she was very young. He's not obsessed with taking care of his Instagram profile: very few photos are posted online before becoming a tronista.

No Alessandro Zarino

Alessandro Zarino chose Veronica Burchielli in the episode "Men and Women" aired in November. Despite the connection that united them, the student decided to say no to the thrones from the Campania, because they did not believe the reasons indicated by Zarino. He thought that he had made his choice, realizing that his attempt to extend his throne in order to gain popularity was in vain. The public at a dating show hosted by Maria De Philippi condemned Veronica for deciding to take the throne within minutes of the election. Equally criticized the development of a treatment program designed for Alessandro, which, according to some, would not have done anything other than what his predecessors did.

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