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UniCredit to an international merger? Cleansing Cariverona

UniCredit to one international merger?

Return to the scene was Alessandro Mazzucco, President Cariverona Foundation, one of the main Italian shareholders of the bank.

To express it in your own words, it is not excluded the possibility of an international merger of UniCredit and any other foreign bank, possibly Spanish or English.

The hypothesis will go against what has recently been confirmed. Jean Pierre MoustierGeneral Manager of Milan, who defined cross-border transactions as meaningless.

UniCredit: an international merger? A look at Spain and England

According to Mazzucco, UniCredit will begin to go beyond national borders in the coming months. European elections they will not be an obstacle, but, in his words, any merger and acquisition transactions will be carried out only in a favorable context.

“I’m pretty sure he wants to work. There is not only France, because it can also be England or Spain, Something will do ",

He stated this at the presentation of the guidelines for the Compagnia Sanpaolo 2019.

At least for the moment, the hypothesis of one UniCredit and Société Générale mergerprimarily due to the recent and tense relations between Rome and Paris.

It is not very likely that intervention in favor Banca carigeThe hypothesis that, according to Mazzucco, Palazzo Chigi was not particularly impressed.

"It must be the same Intesa terms for Veneto banksbut the government has changed. The idea was legitimate, but it seems to me that the government did not find a good bank. ”

According to Mazzucco, the international association UniCredit may be one of the possible ways.

Bank explanation

After hours of speculation, Cariverona’s declaration finally arrived. do not have confidential information about future group strategies.

“Following the comments presented in the press, Cariverona explains that there were no reports regarding the media reports between the Fund and UniCredit, and the Fund does not have any information that is not publicly available

we read in a note that goes on:

“Any opinion expressed in relation to the UniCredit strategy is purely personal or based on press information in recent weeks and is not based on confidential information and However unreasonable".

In short, the merger of UniCredit with a foreign group was denied.

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