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Tomorrow's November 20 horoscope: creative Aries, authoritarian lion

L & # 39;horoscope on Wednesday deepens the passage of Mars in Scorpio, which guarantees a new determination that allows not only Scorpio, but also Pisces, Capricorn, Toro and Cancer to take action without delay, implementing projects with new tenacity. If the Moon in Leon offers a new ambitious charge mixed with kindness of heart, Sole is still present in Scorpio for a short time, illuminating and softening the path of desires, guaranteeing vitality and intelligence. Are below astrological forecasts sign by sign.

On Wednesdays and Wednesdays Horoscope

Aries: Thanks to the positive influence of the night companion, you will be very positive and creative, you will experience love with great nobility, as well as with an authoritarian attitude. Persistent and smart, you will greatly improve your work.

Taurus: Mars in new astral positions confronts Uranus and this can relieve anxiety. Transit will push you to some people who in the past interfered or angered.

Be careful to restrain these ego conflicts, which can cause excessive irritation in love.

Twins: love feelings are enhanced by the presence of Luna Dal Leone, which paves the way for imagination and embodies dreams with greater perseverance. At work, a leadership attitude will be helpful to better organize work.

Cancer: new vitality and uncontrollable sensuality will be guaranteed Mars in a moonlit trigon that the gaze, always focused on the past, concretizes the present with insolence.

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The new awareness does not expect anything, except that it will be put into practice, and then immediately begin to act, you will succeed.

Leon: Affectionate in love, but also authoritarian, you will try to dominate your partner, confirming your identity with pride. Feelings and inspiration also mix in the workplace, and you will successfully apply some brilliant ideas.

Virgin: The Martian star in sextile gives the spirit of initiative in love and guarantees additional equipment for advancement in love stories.

Courage, of course, will not fail, and even in the workplace, the growth of one’s own strengths will go hand in hand with the expansion of his abilities.

Astrological forecast sign by sign

Libra: You will be proud that the Moon is very close to her astrological house. You will be passionate and tender in love, confirming your presence with attractiveness. In the professional field, success is guaranteed based on your own abilities, which you will show dynamically, even if Mars leaves you.

Scorpio: It is very important with Mars, as soon as they reach the goal, you will be enthusiastic and very instinctive, using available weapons to achieve your love or professional goals. You will encounter situations, calmly going straight to the heart of the problem.

Sagittarius: a little more and Sole will enter the house to illuminate the vital spheres with optimism and joy. In the meantime, you can always count on the presence of Jupiter and Venus, who look with love at love and guarantee success in the professional field.

Capricorn: Marte walked up to the sign and, thus, violated the wrong quadrature to implement the deferred projects. A new grain of sand will be useful for achieving goals, attention only to not being too aggressive in love.

Aquarius: the adverse moon this can lead to an excess of individualism and pride that threatens the realm of love. Therefore, try to more satisfy the needs of your loved one and, perhaps, to show their ambitions in the professional field.

Fish: rely on the new position of Mars in Scorpio, which is very useful for both work and attachment. Realizing the risks that you will be exposed to without hesitation, you will try to run into problems with a bold attitude that almost touches the “warlike” one. Be careful not to find yourself in aggressive energy harmful to love.

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