Tuesday , January 19 2021

Tomorrow I want to become Marchi and daughters of Stephanie, a new life in Albania: a story from Costanzo

Wants Marchi and her daughter StefaniaDo you want Marchi and her daughter Stefania, a new life told at the exhibition by Maurizio Costanzo

Wants Marchi and her daughter Stefania they were guests Maurizio Costanzo Shaw, It was a great curiosity to find out what mom and daughter are doing today, heroes in the last years of Italian news. And many now want to know new life of Vanni Marchi and Stefanie NobileThey talked about it from Costanzo, in the evening when they talked about success, even if they intervened in a conversation about how their lives changed after the scandal and after the trials. They no longer live in Italy for several months, and it was a choice for one job and for others.

Wants Marchi and her daughter to live in Albania for several months

Wants Marchi and her daughter Stefania they live Albania starting from five months. They are very satisfied with their lives and praised the country that accepts them. In fact, Vann said: “It's all right, this is a very quiet country. It is very good. My daughter opens the room, and I will go to her, where there are bears. I go everywhere "Thus, the choice of Stephanie moved to Albania to open a new club, and her mother decided to go with her. Hotel La Nobili also has a restaurant in Milan. Maurizio Costanzo asked his master if in his new Albanian life he returned to television. Well no: "In Albania, I do not do television, absolutely"This was Marci's answer.

Today I want Marchi, a new life with my daughter Stefania

What are you doing then? Today I want Marchi? Mistress, with a great passion for cooking. She said she was a good cook, but she wasn’t always appreciated because her husband preferred quick lunches. She ran into Bruno Barbieri, who was sitting next to her at the Maurizio Costanzo exhibition, according to the recipe for tortellini and was promoted! And also continues to stand next to him daughter stefaniain Albania.

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