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Serie A, Football League in Chaos: Michiche resigned | news

The storm fell on Football leagueAfter morning rumors, the official: Gaetano Michchi resigned as president of the Serie A Football LeagueIn these busy hours, major clubs tried to convince him to stay at the helm of the League, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Micciché, in office since March 2018, issued an official note: "Too many voices, I could not continue".

The source of the decision is the alleged irregularity of the meeting on March 19, 2018, at which Michies was elected president of League A. The irregularity raised by number one in Genoa, Enrico Presiosiwho spoke of “incorrectness” in the election procedure, which was to be held by secret ballot, and was instead sanctioned by acclamation.

According to the statute, Misha had to be unanimously elected in order to avoid a conflict of interest for those who held positions in private institutions of national importance with respect to clubs or their groups, but the vote was anticipated by public statements. voting.

“I would like to announce with this statement my immediate resignation from the presidency of the League of Serie A. Today’s newspapers have appeared today’s dishonesty in connection with the termination of the preliminary investigation on my appointment twenty months ago, and its possible results are unacceptable, and I impose this decision, I was called to the League with a unanimous vote, and I spent a lot of time and effort on them, I found a completely disorganized League that did not even look like an effective reality, all together, because no one raised “although the slightest objection in 20 months and the decisions we made were unanimous, we took a large number of initiatives that went in the right direction.”

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