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Renzi: “The task of Salvini will move to the center in the next two to three years”

“The task will move to the center” “After two and a half years, three years, I am sure that the real problem will not be in extremism, but in the center,” and “Salvini will move to the center and find Italy alive for himself.” These are the words spoken by Italian Senator Viva at registration. And to the question in the studio, should Italy prepare for an alliance with Salvini in the middle: “Never say never, I really think that visiting Vespa with popcorn is worth the cost of the ticket.”

"Pd hypocrite on Ius Culturae" "I," says Renzi, then, "is the one who brought Pd to 40% that were never there, to 18% and to 16% were DS." And then, speaking of Ius Culturae and the proposal of Secretary Dem Nicola Zingaretti. emphasizes "I consider it hypocritical to propose a law that I had no power to do when there were numbers."

“Stop arguing, let's help each other” “Regardless of Ius culturae, if the Democratic Party wants to move further to the left, it is respectable and understandable,” he continues. – I do not argue with the Democratic Party and do not collect contradictions. I say, let's help the shock. "

“ArcelorMittal, I don't blame Patuanelli” To the question of the former Ilva and why he voted together with Italia Viva for the amendment to remove the criminal shield from the company, Renzi declares: “I do not want to throw a cross on poor Patuanelli, we must stop being lawyers at ArcelorMittal Defenders. The company decided to close Taranto, in 2017, someone indicated that their project was worse than that of Jindal, but for the sake of salvation, they rewarded the worst project. ”

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