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Reggio Calabria, maximizing the capture of entrepreneurs "adjacent to" ndrangheta ": all Names, DETAILS and VIDEO

November 19, 2019 10:23

‘Ndrangheta: Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri and Dia capture the vast legacy of four famous Reggio entrepreneurs adjacent to к ndrangheta. Illegally accumulated assets worth more than EUR 200 million subject to capital valuation

Armed forces of the provincial command of Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri in Reggio Calabria, together with the staff of the local Operational Center for the Investigation of Crimes against the Mafia and the Central Organized Crime Investigation Service Guardia di Finanza, coordinated with the local prosecutor’s office – the Antimafia District Directorate, led by Prosecutor General Giovanni Bombardieri , implemented the measures taken by the Preventive Measures Section of the Reggio Calabria Court – chaired by Dr. Ornella Pastore – at the request of the Deputy Prosecutor Calogero Gaetano Paci and Deputy Attorney Walter Ignazitto and Stefano Musolino, which include the use of generic measures to prevent forfeiture in relation to resume companies, movable and immovable property as well as financial ratios for the total estimated value exceeding 200 million euros Refers to Reggio's renowned building contractors Andrea Francesco GIORDANO cl. & # 39; 51, Michele SURACE CL. & # 39; 57, Giuseppe Suras cl. & # 39; 84 and Carmelo FICARA, cl. & # 39; 56Suspected Accessories / Cosine NotesTegano"AND"De Stefano ",

The aforementioned entrepreneurs were arrested pursuant to a preventive detention order issued in prison at the proposal of the Prosecutor of the Republic of Reggio Calabria in the context of the operation. "MonopoliIt is carried out by the Provincial Carabinieri Command of Reggio Calabria, the result of which – in 2018 – was achieved by personal restrictive measures for crimes, including – in accordance with Art. 416 bis c.p. (mafia-type criminal association), 12 d D.L. 306/92 (today 512 bis c.p.) (fraudulent transfer of values) and Art. 648 ter 1 gr. (self-laundering) aggravated by a mafia tool in accordance with Art. 7 D.L. 152/1991 (today 416 bis 1 pp), as well as real data on companies / companies, movable and real estate assets, the total value of which is estimated at 50 million euros.

In this regard, the investigation, begun in February 2017 by the military from the Investigative Department of the provincial Carabinieri Reggio Calabria command, shed light on the system of criminal interests cultivated by Reggio entrepreneurs, who, using the support of the most formidable city teams, managed to completely accumulate huge profits, which were quickly used for a thriving and diversified business.

The results of the investigation allowed us to find out how entrepreneurs Andrea GIORDANO and Michele Suracethe latter was helping his son GiuseppeTaking advantage of the support of urban gangs, they managed to completely illegally accumulate huge profits, quickly redistributed through various types of commercial activities, including the only Bingo Hall present in the municipality of Reggio Calabria – activities carried out as part ofmonopoly“By virtue of specific agreements agreed with senior family members”TeganoArchie – as well as the reuse of very large sums of money, mainly in the construction sector, thanks to the constitution of several companies fictitiously registered for the respective candidates.

In detail, the revelations of some employees outlined a profile Andrea GIORDANO and Michele Surace like old branchesTeganoArchie and in contact, in particular, with the boss Giovanni TEGANO & # 39; 39is being delayed. Investigations by Carabinieri allowed us to trace the fate of the entrepreneurial duo Surace-Giordano, which began with the construction of buildings in residential buildings. In fact, by the end of the 1990s they built a residential complex. ”Mary park"- a building that later will house the only city hall of bingo, – and numerous houses with terraces in which the availability of the apartment was reserved for Giuseppe TEGANO, the brother of boss Giovanni. Over time, the relationship with the helmet was guaranteed to entrepreneurs Andrea GIORDANO and Michele Surace exceptional economic development. In this context, the investigations conducted have documented the reuse of cosca's illicit proceeds in diversified entrepreneurial initiatives entrusted to SURACE and GIORDANO, which over time have become a fundamental part of the family's system of recycling and reinvesting illicit proceeds.

businessman Carmelo Ficarainstead, it is disputed that the contract was concluded with the historical criminal association of the De Stefano family, in exchange for which he would receive protection and the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship and construction, especially on the territory of Archie.

Andrea Francesco Giordano cl. & # 39; 51, Michele SURACE CL. & # 39; 57 and Carmelo FICARA cl. & # 39; 56 they also follow from the investigative findings of the transaction “martingale", Conducted by the local Operations Center D.I.A. and G.I.S.O. Reggio Calabria financial and economic police units, coordinated by the DDA, against a complex criminal community designed to commit serious crimes, including, for various reasons, crimes of the mafia community, money laundering and money laundering, a criminal community aimed at issuing fake accounts aggravated facts – for some of them – by the mafia method – and completed in 2018 with the use of personal restrictive measures against 27 people, as well as real measures caution in relation to 51 companies – also foreign companies – blocks of shares, movable and immovable property, financial resources totaling about €. 119 million people.

In this context, an illegal system was identified – cd "Skimon system“On behalf of its creator and promoter Antonio Scimone – that through the issuance and use of invoices for non-existent transactions – thanks to the use of paper mills – it was functional for the consumption of tax fraud and money laundering, as well as for the reuse of the huge financial flows coming from entrepreneurs expressing economic penetration from "Ndrangheta,

Regarding the results of the above activities, the local district mafia directorate, which is increasingly interested in the economic and business aspects of organized crime, also strengthens the functions of the Guardia di Finanza and DIA in preventing and combating all forms of criminal entry into economic crime. country structure and aggression against illegal assets – delegated to the Organized Crime Investigation Group (GICO) Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri Investigation Department and D.I.A.special economic / generic investigation aimed at the application of personal and generic preventive measures against the aforementioned entrepreneurs.

In the same spirit, Carabinieri’s efforts to search for illegally accumulated assets (identifying fictitious headers and transactions aimed at hiding the real origin of assets) should be emphasized through the introduction of specialized structures that work symbiotically compared to traditional investigative methods, and which have allowed – in recent years – achieve remarkable results in a particular sector by transferring financial support to territorial criminal ganglia.

In this regard, after the outline of the social hazard profile skilled Of these proposals, including through the use of the results of previous investigations, the corresponding investigative activity was aimed at reconstructing birth acquisitions – direct or indirect – made over the past thirty years, identifying – through a comprehensive, detailed and thorough assessment and verification of documents – assets that were available, directly or indirectly, the value of which was clearly disproportionate to the ability to income claimed for income tax purposes, as well as illegal sources from which they took the resources for their acquisition and, above all, nature mafia business activities carried out – over time – offered by companies as entrepreneurs, expression of control areas.

With reference to the existential path of sentences, introduced criminal behavior, acquaintances, parental relationships, judicial precedents and other elements that are considered fundamental for wording, in accordance with anti-mafia legislation, the competent AG spells out a prognostic judgment about social danger.

Of the in-depth investigative information investigations actually carried out, arose as the aforementioned, ranked ‘Ndrangheta Regina, over time and systematically provided her financial resources and professional opportunities, not only in favor of the aforementioned clans Tegano and De stefano – interweaving with them a vivid and long-term cooperation in terms of biunocal usefulness – but also to support the most important mafia families of the capital, such as Latella, the books and I Labatein view of the now recognized unity "Ndrangheta,

In addition, the investigations conducted have provided many elements of confirmation regarding fictitious asset headings – invented by the aforementioned entrepreneurs with the complicity of family members and third candidates – in order to avoid the use of generic preventive measures by constructing structured structures aimed at protecting the actual property of the companies and buildings that make up a notable legacy of criminal origin.

In light of these findings, the Reggio Calabria Court – the Preventive Measures Section – at the request of the aforementioned DDA with its current situation – is considered to be in jeopardy. skilled of the above proposals, ordered the application of a generic preventive measure to seize all property relating to Andrea Francesco GIORDANO cl. & # 39; 51, Michele SURACE CL. & # 39; 57, Giuseppe Suras cl. & # 39; 84 and Carmelo FICARA cl. & # 39; 56 as well as their respective families consisting of everything twenty commercial companies / construction companies (including shares), n. 172 properties, n. nine vehicles), company shares related to 10 enterprises, n. 284 between buildings and land, n. 4 vehicles, as well as financial resources and banking / insurance relations, at an appraised value in addition 200 million euros,

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