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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett: increases processor frequency

Although, of course, there are many outputs intended for the current generation consoles (such as “The Last Part of Us,” Part II or Cyberpunnk 2077), the interest of players and the industry as a whole to the larger next generation, headed accordingly Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, Little is known about the consoles themselves, unfortunately, so be sure to wait for the next Electronic Entertainment Expo 2020 set to June to find out more information about it, such as price and release date.

In a recent interview with the GamingBolt video game portal Ivan Pabiarzhin My.Games (known for working on the free Warface) would release interesting information about the next-generation console processor. According to Pabiarzhyn, the new AMD processors introduced will have speed frequency equally 50% more than current,

This will allow, according to Pabiarzhin, to always achieve a clear improvement in the quality of the names of the future, including in quantitative terms in terms of details and sizes of game worlds, as well as better artificial intelligence than today's publications.

But this will not be the only innovation possible by increasing the frequency: it will be possible to create inaccessible effects so far, such as physical distribution sound from walls or other similar structures that can revolutionize the world of competitive shooters who are currently fully focused on the reflexes and reaction speed of the player. Of course, many other implementations at the technical and gaming levels are waiting for us for this new generation of consoles: we just need to wait for further statements in this regard from both reference companies. Finally, we remind you that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are planned end of 2020, with confirmation of the release of the PlayStation 5 by Christmas of the same year.

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