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photo profile scam knocks users

Whatsapp profile photo scamAmong all instant messaging apps Whatsapp this is what everyone chooses to communicate. Given its popularity, it is easy to assume that there are risks associated with its use. Absolutely the best platform is not safe from scamsHere is the last episode that could jeopardize millions of profiles.

WhatsApp: scammers use profile picture for ransom

continue updates functionality and security, as well as stylistic enhancements, do not guarantee immunity from fraudulent operations due to actions taken by unscrupulous hackers. WhatsApp makes no exceptions, and is encouraged by the fact that it has more than one and a half billion users experience. Promise Mark Zuckerberg o l & # 39;social association with Facebook and Instagram this will not improve the situation.

Cybercriminals are currently being used. subtract profile photo in order to contact persons from the address book with false profileThose contacted are often advised to make one PostePay account replenishment simulating a situation of temporary economic inaccessibility. In this case, the data is added to the theft fraud which allows them to collect a lot of money from contacts.

Nothing more to do but stay on guard and choose show profile picture only for contacts in the phone bookThus, in case of problems, we will have the opportunity to narrow the field of activity, thereby identifying a potential villain. We can do it from Application settings breaking the parameters found in the record Account> Privacy> Profile Picture. Have you ever had a problem? Leave us your personal testimony.

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