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Pension, TFS Car Tax, Competition, Balance and Contract, Tax Code, Coins …

A review of today's November 18, 2019 on the topic: competition and work; TFS Civilian income; Increase in pensions; Bonus 153 in December for senior citizens; Balance and shutter speed; Tax world and recycling; Registration tax, termination of the lease; Certification of receipts; Unpaid car tax; Attachment of current account; all the news of the day.

Cesvi Competition

Cesvi, a well-known Italian humanitarian organization, is looking for a coordinator throughout Italy. The coordinator will take care of managing the store, hiring volunteers and packing gifts. The work period will be between December 1 and 24. Here's how to apply for this job. Read the news here: Job offer: Cesvi is looking for outlets coordinators

Work and tasks

The employer may assign tasks to the employee that are higher than his level, and in some cases he may request an automatic increase. Let's see what they are: Work: higher tasks and automatic promotion, when do you have the right?


Readers' protests continue to arrive at TFS upfront, which has not yet been activated, and is not sure about the next activation dates. This measure was to begin along with early retirement under the quota of 100. Pensioners were waiting for the agreement of ABI, the Ministry of Labor and INPS. No news, the measure seems to have stalled. As promised, we voice our readers by publishing all the protests that pass through our communication channels. Read reader protests: TFS after 6 years, a life dedicated to work and only with broken promises

Citizenship Income

It may happen that after the application for receiving income from citizenship is accepted, the family unit will undergo changes due to birth, death or change of residence. How to behave in this case? When should a new demand for citizenship income appear and when instead of it is enough to update the previous one? Let's see what the relevant legislation provides. Read the news here: Citizenship income and family changes: when should a new application be submitted?

Pension increase in 2020

From January 1, 2020, the size of pensions will be adjusted taking into account the cost of living. The size of the pension is not fixed forever, and over the years it has undergone changes based on revaluation, periodically carried out on the basis of price increases. These adjustments are designed to prevent the loss of purchasing power of retirees. Read the news here: by 2020, the pension will increase: that's how much and for what services

Bonus 154 euros in December for pensioners

In December, pensioners expect a bonus over the thirteenth, which increases the check by another 154 euros, which is also paid along with the thirteenth. But let's see what it is and who has the right to it. Read the news here: Pension December 2019: bonus of 154 euros, here for whom

Stamp duty on registers

The stamp duty on accounts has changed over time. From June 30, 2019, it is no longer necessary to print or archive each register of accounts in digital form, provided that upon access, verification or verification, they are updated in electronic systems and printed at the request of the regulatory authorities and in their presence. Read the full news here: Stamp duty on accounts, always for some records

Balance and Exposure

Legislation is regulated by Law No. 145/2018, provides for “Balance and Exposure” of tax assessments, that is, a reduction in the amounts due, for taxpayers experiencing serious and proven economic difficulties. The simplification applies only to individuals and certain types of debts associated with the loads assigned to the collection agent from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2017. Let's look at a question from one of our readers: balance and excerpt for INPS contributions, as the Agency tells me they are not suitable?

Tax collection

Reader who asks for clarification after the expiration of the installment plan: Hi, I would like to know if the installment plan expires on 30/11 and is due on 09/12, thanks. Let's analyze what the legislation provides for: Cancellation of tax assessments: the deadline of November 30 is postponed to December 9

Unpaid car tax

Historic cars can take advantage of a 50% discount on car tax. A car must have a registration experience of 20 and 29 years, in order to be able to take advantage of the simplification of formalities, it must have a certificate confirming its historical significance based on art. 4 decisions of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and annotations on the recognition of historicity in civil motorization on a reverse card. Read the news here: Unpaid car tax, can you access the world tax?

Receipt Certification

Certificate of Receipts, Internal Revenue Service, with response to request n. 486 dated November 14, 2019, methods are defined
confirmation of the fees for the services provided by restaurants and hotels. In particular, hotel and restaurant services must be certified by a commercial document, unless an urgent account is required when a purchase is made directly from
the client who used the service. Read the full news: Receipt Certification, New Tax Management Procedure

Cancellation of lease for mold and humidity

If the apartment was leased, it initially seemed profitable and was in excellent condition, but over time, spots of moisture appeared on the ceiling until they reached an unstable and unhealthy situation. Can you apply for withdrawal from the contract for these reasons, as the landlord is not interested in the repair, despite your constant reminders? Let's see what the judges decided with sentence n. 29329/2019 from the cassation instance. Read the news: Can you cancel the contract for mold and humidity?

Current account investment

If the current account has zero balance, is it possible to continue investing? Should it be done? It may be useless to continue investing the current account when it is red. Read the news here: Foreclosure: is this possible on the current account in red?

Coins and value

To give global information about the value of coins and curiosities on this subject, in this article we will consider the cost of 50 cents of 2007, a currency that is a kind of mystery to the world of numismatics, we try to understand why. Read the full news here: Rare Coins: The Riddle of 50 Cents 2007

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