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Opelka challenges Challenged, Bautista Agut vs. Rublev, Kyrgyzstan also in the field – OA Sport

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01/19 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 1-2 Gonzalez in this game saves two breaks against Kyrgyzstan.

18.57 CANADA, USA: 6-5, conducts the Pospisil service, and Opelka will go jokingly to stay in the 1st part.

6.56 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 1: 1 in the second set, Kyrgyzstan does not give anything to Gonzalez.

4:55 pm SPAIN-RUSSIA: 5: 3, Rublev is serving, and now Bautista Agut will go to the bat to close the faction.

18.54 CANADA, UNITED STATES: Opelka overrides the setpoint in Pospisil and then continues with service. 5-5 in the first partial.

18.52 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 0: 1 in the second set Gonzalez conducts service against Kyrgyzstan.

18.51 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 5-2, Bautista Agut holds the service and goes to 5-2 in the first set. Rublev will go to serve in order to remain in partial.

18.50 CANADA, USA: Pospisil holds the service (5-4) in the first set, and now Opelka will be on the run to stay in the first partial.

6.49 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Kirgios closes at 6-4 against Gonzalez in the first set.

18.48 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 4-2, contains Rublev's service, ending the negative row in the first set.

18.47 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 5-4, Gonzalez is on duty, but now Kyrgyzstan will be on the run to close the first batch.

18.46 CANADA, USA: 4-4 Opelka keeps the service, and the balance in the match with Pospishil continues.

18.42 SPAIN-RUSSIA: 4: 1 Bautista confirms a break in the previous game in the presence of a very rude Rublev.

18.40 UNITED STATES, CANADA: 3-3 in the first set between Opelka and Pospisil. The balance remains.

18.39 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 5-3 Kyrgyzstan confirms a break in the first set on its shift shift.

18.39 SPAIN-RUSSI: 3-1, Roberto Bautista Agut break, which uses some of Rublev’s mistakes to lead in the first part.

18.38 UNITED STATES OF CANADA: 2-3 Sawed cancels the three break points in Opelka and leads this first stage.

18.35: SPAIN-RUSSIA: 2: 1 in the first set of Bautista Agut with great determination holds the service against Rublev.

18.34 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 4-2 between Kirghiz and Gonzalez, the Australian relies on the strength of his own ministry and confirms the break.

18.31 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 3: 2 between Kirgios and Gonzalez, the break of the Australian, who now wants to confirm the advantage.

18.30 UNITED STATES, CANADA: 2: 2 between Opelka and Pospisil.

18.29 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Rublev serves in 15, 1-1.

18.27 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: 2: 2 between Kirgios and Gonzalez.

18.25 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Bautista keeps the service after saving two breakpoints.

18.22 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Kyrgyzstan equalized 1: 1.

18.22 UNITED STATES, CANADA: Enrolled conducts a service.

18.21 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Bautista Agut begins to oppose Rublev!

18.20 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The first game for Gonzalez, conducting the service.

18.19 UNITED STATES, CANADA: The meeting between Railay Opelka and Vasek Pospisilil also began.

18.18 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: The match between Nick Kirgios and Alejandro Gonzalez has begun!

12.12 SPAIN-RUSSIA: After the performance of national anthems, everything is ready for Bautista Agut-Rublev!

18.08 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Two teams enter the field for presentation!

04/18 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Manolo Santana from Roberto Bautista-Aguta and Andrei Rublev miss the first single on the field for what today can be considered a great match!

17.40. At the moment, everything is stopped, the three problems that have just left the pairing will begin shortly after 18.00!

17.35 UNITED STATES OF CANADA: And here are the couples for the challenge that interests us the most: Opelka vs. Pospisil, Fritz vs. Shapovalova, Querrey / Sock vs. Pospisil / Shapovalova.

17.33 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: These are the formations that are obviously conditional on the doubles: the Kirghiz against Gonzalez, De Minaur against Galan, Pearce / Thomson against Kabbalah / Farah.

17.29 SPAIN-RUSSIA: Here are a couple of two singles: Bautista-Agut vs. Rublev and Nadal vs. Khachanov. In the double so far, Granollers / Lopez are planned against Khachanov / Rublev.

17.22 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert's first winner decides the dispute in favor of the French! 6-7 6-4 7-5 double the score in almost two hours and three quarters of the game!

17.18 FRANCE-JAPAN: another break in favor of the French, who again go to the match to 6-5!

17.13 FRANCE-JAPAN: counterattack by McLachlan and Utiyama against Herbert and Mahut: 5-5! The French had no coincidence.

17.11 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bagel defeated Haase and Royer in the tie-break of the third set with a score of 7-2! 6-4 7-6 double score, Kazakhstan beat Holland 2-1!

06/17 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut break MacLachlan and Utiyama, the winners of the French ATP Final go to the match!

05/17 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bagel bring the set to a tie-break!

17.03 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bagel used to stay in the second set at 6-5 for the Dutch.

02.17 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut serve, 4-4.

17:00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 5-5, we fight on points. Service to the Dutch again.

16:55 KAZAKHSTAN-NETHERLANDS: The Dutch with more than a few beats of the heart bring him to 5-4, which serves the Kazakhstan people to stay in the match.

16:51 FRANCE-JAPAN: MacLachlan and Utiyama are still saved, 3-2 for the Japanese couple who are fighting in batting rounds, while the French look clearer.

16:47 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: One-on-one meeting continues, the Dutch 4-3 in the second set without a break.

16:40 FRANCE-JAPAN: The Japanese couple fought, but kept the pitch, 2: 1 for Japan in the third set.

16:36 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The second set-up of the understudy started, ahead of the Dutch 2: 1, but without a break.

16:31 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Gonzalez and Mayer brought the feed to zero and brought home the third point for Argentina, Chile won 3-0.

16:28 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Gap Gonzalez and Mayer, 6-5 in the second set and Argentina, playing for 3-0 in the scoring.

16:26 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: a Kazakh couple, composed by Kukushkin and Bagel, won the first set against Haase and Royer in 6-4.

16:24 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 5-5 per second in the South American double.

16:20 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut bring home the second set for 6-4, everything will be decided by the third.

16:10 FRANCE-JAPAN: 4-3 for the French, who are taking a break ahead in the second set.

16:05 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 2: 2 in the second set, Chileans want to react after losing the first.

15:55 FRANCE-JAPAN: Break of the French in the second set, transalpians ahead 3: 2 and in the service.

15:47 ARGENTINA-CHILE: First set, if the Argentines win with a score of 6-3, Albicheleste wants 3-0.

15:38 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Double Gonzalez / Meyer vs. Rodlinar / Jarry, 3: 3 in the first set, also started a bit.

15:33 FRANCE-JAPAN: Japanese couple won the tie-break of the first set in 7-4, Asians are trying to hit him!

15:29 FRANCE-JAPAN: Includes 3-3 tie-break, still perfect balance.

15:24 FRANCE-JAPAN: 6-6, we go for a tie-break.

15:20 FRANCE-JAPAN: 6-5 for a transalpine couple, the Japanese send the first set for a tie-break.

15:12 FRANCE-JAPAN: the meeting of Herbert / Mahut-MacLachlan / Utiyama with a score of 4: 1 in the first set is still very balanced.

15:08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Haase wins 7-5 and draws with Kazakhstan, this call will also be solved with a double.

15:00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The match between Bagel and Haase will be decided on the tie-break of the third set!

14:57 FRANCE-JAPAN: The pair, composed by Hubert and Mahut, lead the first set 3-2 without a break.

14:50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The problem between Bagel and Haase remains very difficult, 5-5 in the third set.

14:43 FRANCE-JAPAN: The double who will solve the challenge has begun.

14:38 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: There are still no breaks between Bagel and Haase in the third set, the Dutch lead 4: 3.

14:34 FRANCE-JAPAN: The double match between Herbert / Mahut and McLachlan / Utiyama will begin soon.

14:28 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The third set began between Bagel and Haase without a break: score 2: 2.

14:26 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman gets rid of Garin in 1h13 ′ with the score 6-2, 6-2. Argentina then beat Chile and is looking for a 3-0 double.

14:22 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Garin’s pride closes the gap and extends the second set, Schwartzman ahead 5-2.

14:14 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 5: 0 for Schwartzman vs. Garin, one step from success.

14:10 ARGENTINA-CHILE: the irrepressible Schwartzman! Another Argentine break, leading the second set 4-0 and approaching a comfortable victory.

14:08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND. Bagel was forced to maintain two break points before closing the second set against Haase at 6-3. The third set is crucial.

14:03 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kazakh Bagel, leading 5: 3 in the second set, serves to expand the challenge to the third against Haase.

14:01 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Break at the beginning of the second set of Schwartzman on Garin, Argentines dominate the South American test.

13:59 FRANCE-JAPAN: Now the score is 1: 1 to decide whether the challenge will be double with the Transalpine Herbert and Mahut, the winners of the Final, clearly approved.

13:56 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka closes the game at 15 and installs Monfils in two sets (7-5, 6-2)!

13:54 FRANCE-JAPAN: A critical moment, the Japanese Nishioka, ahead of 5-2 in the second set, will serve as a victory.

13:51 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Bagel's break in the second set, the Kazakh side is 3-1 in Haaz.

13:47 FRANCE-JAPAN: MONFILES IN FULL CRISIS! Another Nishioka break that goes to 4-1 and serve in the second set.

13:44 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman immediately clears up the situation, breaking Garin’s line and winning the first set 6-2.

13:42 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka defeats Monfisa! The Japanese pilot leads the second set 2-1, after winning the first.

13:40 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Garin restores the gap from Schwartzman, who is now leading the first set 5-2, the Argentine should be careful.

13:38 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Haase maintains the service and wins the first set against Bagel for 7-5.

13:34 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Fight Haase against Bagel, the Dutch will take home the first set.

13.30 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka wins the first set against Monfils. The Japanese imposed on themselves 7-5. Definitely an unexpected result.

13.27 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwarzman's double break against Garin. 4-0 for the Argentinean.

13.25 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka's break in the eleventh game. The Japanese are moving 6-5 against Monfils.

13.23 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 4-4 in the first set between Bagel and Haase.

13.21 ARGENTINA-CHILE: A great start for Diego Schwartzman. The Argentinean is 3-0 ahead of Garin.

13.17 FRANCE-JAPAN: excellent balance in the first set between Monfils and Nishioka. 4-4

12.12 ARGENTINA-CHILE: the challenge between Schwartzman and Garin is about to begin.

13.08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND – 2: 2 between Bagel and Haase.

13.05 FRANCE-JAPAN: Monfils forward 3-2 in the first set against Nishioka.

13.00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: the struggle between Bagel and Haase also began.

12.56 FRANCE-JAPAN: 1-1 between Monfils and Nishioka.

12.51: The match Gael Monfils and Yoshihito Nishioka begin.

12.46: these are the problems of the second round of singles

Monfils (Fra) – Nishioka (Jap)
Bagel (Kaz) – Haase (Ola)
Schwarzman (Arg) – Garin (Sil)

12.43: France, Argentina and Kazakhstan lead with a score of 1: 0.

12.38 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Guido Pella won. 6-4 6-3 against the Chilean Jarry.

12.35 ARGENTINA-CHILE: a break in the eighth match for Pella. 5-3 for the Argentinean.

12.28 ARGENTINA-CHILE: in the match there is only one match between Pella and Yarin. 3-3 in the second set.

12.23 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Very easy even for Mikhail Kukushkin. Double 6-2 for the Dutchman Van de Zandschulpa. The first paragraph for the Kazakhs.

12.16 FRANCE-JAPAN: The French lead the fight against Asians. The clear victory of Joe Wilfrid Tsong in the first singles. 6-2 6-1 to Yasutaka Utiyama

12.10 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Mikhail Kukushkin is clearly ahead of the Dutchman Van de Zandshulpa (6-2 4-2).

06.06 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Guido Pella conquers the first set, breaking the service of Jarry in the tenth game. 6-4 for the Argentinean.

12.03 FRANCE-JAPAN: Tsong's absolute dominion. 6-2 4-0 for the Frenchman.

11.58 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Jarry regains the opponent's advantage and reduces 5-4 against Pella.

11.54 FRANCE-JAPAN: too easy for Tsonga. 6-2 2-0 for transalpine.

11.50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Mikhail Kukushkin also wins the first set. Net 6-2 for Kazakhs vs Dutchman Van de Zandshulpa

11.47 FRANCE-JAPAN: Joe Wilfried Tsonga wins the first set! 6-2 for the Frenchman against Uchiam.

11.43 ARGENTINA-CHILE: so far everything is easy for Guido Pella, who is ahead 4: 1 against Jarry in the first set.

11.39 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkina's break is on, 3: 2 in the Dutch Van de Zandschulpe

11.37 FRANCE-JAPAN: Tsonga dominates. The Frenchman lead 4-1 in the first set against Uchiyama.

11.34 FRANCE-JAPAN: smash Tsongu too! 3: 1 in the first set for the French.

11.31 ARGENTINA-CHILE: what a start for Guido Pella! Instant breakthrough against Jarry. 2-0 in the first set.

11.26 FRANCE-JAPAN: Utiyama also holds a good service. 1-1 in the first set.

11.24 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: a great start for Van de Zandshulp and Kukushkin. 1-1 at the opening of the first set.

11.21 FRANCE-JAPAN: a great start for Tsong, who keeps the service at zero. 1-0 for the Alps.

11.15 Last phases of heating.

11.08: not earlier than 11.15 the first matches of the afternoon session will begin.

11.02: There will certainly be an evening session. It will depend on the hosts of Spain (Nadal plays) and, above all, for Italy, this is the fundamental United States-Canada. The success of the Americans would be fundamental to Azzurri.

10.56: At the beginning of the afternoon session, little is missing. These are the games that we will follow.

Tsonga (Fra) – Uchiama (Gia)
Pella (Arg) – Jarry (Seal)
Kukushkin (Kaz) – Van de Zandschulp (Ola)

10.50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: the challenge certainly fought a lot. Little preference was given to the Kazakhs and their composition, Mikhail Kukushkin, who will soon see himself with Botik Van de Zandshulp.

10.45 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The South American derby is very interesting. A task that sees Argentina is slightly approved, but a battle is expected. Guido Pella and Nicholas Jarry will begin, then the case for Diego Schwartzman and Christian Garin.

10.40 FRANCE-JAPAN: France certainly expects an excellent team, which can also strive for a final victory. On the other hand, Asians without Kei Nishikori are certainly not competitive. The challenge will be Tsong and Utiyama.

10.36: at 11.00 a day session begins. These are three planned tasks.

10:30 a.m.: Good morning, we are starting a live broadcast of the second day of the Davis Cup final of 2019.

Second Day Presentation – Second Day Program

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE second Davis Cup Final 2019.

This is a great debut day for the hosts of Spain. Rafa Nadal and his comrades are confronted with Russia in a challenge immediately decisive for the Red Furies. In fact, the Russians defeated Croatia 3-0 and today with another victory they will tear off a ticket to the quarterfinals.

The situation is the same for Canada, which the United States will face. This is a match that is also closely linked with Italy, which is fighting for the US victory (the best will be 2: 1). The success of the Canadians would deprive any hope that the team Corrado Barazzutti will close in first place, leaving only the opportunity to return to the top second.

It starts at 11.00 with three problems. Super France stands for Japan. The South American derby between Argentina and Chile is very interesting, and there will also be a balance between Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, with a few beloved Kazakhs. The last call at 18.00 is the one that puts Australia in front of Colombia, and the Australians, whose forecast is clearly on their side.

OA Sports will offer you LIVE LIVE second day of the Davis Cup final of 2019. Beginning at 11.00. Have some fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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