Sunday , January 17 2021

Novi Ligure – Chiamparino alla Pernigotti: “Supporting the region in a serious project” – Economy and work

NOVI LIGURE – Ensuring that the region is closely following the Perigotti crisis and does not allow it to do: the governor of Piedmont, Sergio Ciamparino, yesterday spoke with the workers of the Novoevskaya confectionery factory and said that he was confident in the work of Prime Minister Conte, who called Toxos to the negotiating table. "But if he should forget you, call me, I will support your struggle."

Responding to workers' questions, President Ciamparino explained that the region through the financial company FinPiemonte can provide support for a “serious business project”,And in this regard, he proposed not to give credit and the appearance of "ambiguous characters," offering wonderful recipes. FinPiemonte was involved in the Pernigotti crisis in the name of Palazzo Lascaris, who, at the suggestion of the director Gian Luca Vignale (MNS), approved the agenda for the purchase of a historic confectionery brand by a regional company. "But FinPiemonte – the governor has already mentioned – can only provide financial support to individuals, can not replace entrepreneurs or start making chocolates. "

The fixed points – also for Ciamparino, as well as for other political representatives who intervened in these weeks in Novi – remain two. The first is related tothe outcome of the Roman negotiations between the government and ToxozThe second question concerns which the company would like to “stop”, while the “restructuring” unions to keep the factory open, buy time and, perhaps, convince the Turks to sell, not close.

Accompanied by the mayor of Rocchino Muliere and the regional adviser Walter Ottria (LeU), the governor listened to the factory workers, met temporary workers and tried gianduiotti, which he was offered by Yonny Chaves along with bthe tricolor is signed by all employees, the one that is now a symbol of their protest: “I will keep it in my office and put it in a box only when this battle is won”Some of the Hyperdy sellers were also present: “We were without salary for several months,” they recalled in Ciamparino.

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