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Minister Trent and her husband’s house: “Let's do thirty-one” | Gramellini

I do not like the media, and only the last of many celebrities have stumbled upon the most Italian of weaknesses – the house. But in a wonderful interview with our Fiorenza Sarzanini, a passage struck me: the ex-minister justifies the rage that she does not leave the apartment obtained at her good prices, thanks to the following role: The house belongs to Pigneto, in which he must return to life, overlooking the street, on which drug dealers live.

If I lived in an area that was nothing but despicable, I would be worried about the negative advertising that Trent gave him. But as a citizen of Italy, I am more likely to be a former minister. This is a form of grilism, conceived not as Beppe, but as a marquise of the same name, interpreted by Alberto Sordi: I know myself, and you do not know what follows. The politicians of the notorious First Republican caste considered their privileges to be normal, exactly the same as today, but at least they had a special look at the village of origin: I saw Gissi from Remo Gaspari in deep Abruzzo and seemed to Lausanne. They, in addition to not using force to improve the lives of everyone, do not even use it to decorate the lives of their neighbors. And, if they climb on top of the voices offered to them by a handful of deceived ones, then only to escape to another place, where at the entrance there is an inscription with the inscription: “Reserved”.

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