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Milan double-digit third quarter advantage (58-48) – OA Sport

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58-48 Brooks! Bravissimo Jeff controls the body and marks the arrival of black. Milan at +10. Six minutes at the end of the third quarter.

56-48 Rodriguez begins his business and after a thousand balls finds a victory stop from inside the area.

54-48 Super Triple Wilbekine Front.

54-45 inside is free of micks.

Mikov blows up the entire defense and eventually takes the black athlete. Timeout Maccabi.


49-45 Triple Wilbekine.

49-42 Tarchevsky Crush.


A truly exciting moment to celebrate the greatest player in the history of Italian basketball. True legend.

A wonderful moment at the forum for the collection ceremony of the shirt number 11 Dino Menegi. Many legends from the past of Olympia.

SECOND FOUR ENDS HERE! Olympia led five points, which scored 26 points in the second quarter. Nine for Sergio Rodriguez and eight for Nate Walters.

47-42 Super Volterry basket right on the second quarter siren.

47-40 The magic of Mikov, which marks in penetration with the left hand. Timeout Maccabi. 13 seconds at the end.

45-40 Important 2/2 Biligha from the front panel.

43-40 Two free blacks. The last minute of the second quarter.

43-38 1/2 Brooks from the rim.

42-38 Cutting and support of Mikov glass. Two minutes in a break

40-38 Two more points from Vilbekina.

40-36 A beautiful contour from the Milanese garage and roll tracks leaving the blocks.

38-36 Wilbekin completes an incredible four-point game.

38-35 Triple Wilbekina, who also finds a defender foul.


35-32 Volters raises the parabola and finds only the retina.

35-30 Inside, two free Rodriguez.

33-30 Micov & # 39; s Place! Five minutes for a break.

31-30 Inside the free Chipping.

30-28 FANTASTIC CHIP! Great job Argentinean who scores with an Acy foul.

28-28 Tarchevsky even received.


23-28 Wolters with a large penetrating basket. Messina Timeout.

23-24 Mac's beautiful penetration.

21-24 Dorsey Triple.

FIRST FOURTH END! Perfect equality on the forum

21-21 Hunter Glass Support.

21-19 Two free from Mac. 35 seconds at the end of the first quarter.

19-19 Volters scores a goal after Biligi's crazy block.

19-17 Only one free for Mac

They even become the turns of Milan. Too much in this first quarter. Two minutes at the end.

The fifth ball was lost from Milan.

Forum TV timeout

18-17 Two free blacks.

18-15 Super Rodriguez ball for Chipping, which is marked by a magnificent movement.

16-15 Zoosman steals the ball and rests on a break in solitude.

16-11 Rodriguez finds the bottom line and scores ahead of the tugboat Black. Five minutes at the end of the first quarter.

14-11 Zoosman relies on glass.

14-9 A beautiful basket in penetration from Micov.

12-7 Cohen only the retina, and then the judge checks the Tarchevsky basket. Six minutes at the end of the first quarter.

10-7 Inside is free of American.

9-7 Rodriguez's big ball for Tarczewski, which is marked by a foul of Bryant.

7-7 Bryant runs off for a break and scores from a convenient block.

7-5 Inside Free Chips.

And indeed, this decision comes.

The judges discuss and watch the video for Cohen's foul on Skole. The decision on an unsportsmanlike foul seems to be a foregone conclusion.

5-5 The place of Rodriguez, in which only the retina moves.

3-5 Inside free of black.

3-4 black beat off the rebound and score with a foul. Chips


The second ball was lost from Milan. Bad start in the attack.

0-2 Bryant finds the first two points of the game.

Mialno lost the first ball with Roll.


20.42: these are the quintets of two teams

Milan: Rodriguez, Roll, Mikov, Chipped, Tarczewski
Maccabi: Bryant, Wilbekine, Volters, Cohen, Black

20.40: This is the moment of presentation of the two teams.

20.39: Great night of Dino Menegin! Today, the Olympia No. 11 T-shirt of the Italian and Milanese basketball legends will be removed.

20.34: A total of two teams met 33 times, and the budget is in favor of Maccabi, which is ahead of 18-15. In Milan, the advantage of Olympia is 10-5.

20.29: Ettore Messina presented the challenge as follows: “Maccabi is a team in excellent condition that plays with a significant dose of physical strength, is difficult to resist, and obviously also has great offensive potential. For us, the defensive condition will be fundamental, but also an organized attack, which then prevents them from fleeing into the open field, which they prefer to do. We want to play a good game in the evening, in which we honor the great legend of our club, such as Dino Menegin, and where our property gave an excellent signal of solidarity and support for the bad weather conditions of our country."

20.24: Milan returned from the defeat of Moscow from Khimki and was also defeated in the League of Fortitudo Bologna. Olympia is trying to immediately respond, maintaining an unbeaten record at the Euroleague forum.

8.19 pm: a difficult task for the team of Ettore Messina, in which Maccabi is in great shape. The Israelis actually returned after six straight wins and have the exact same Milan record (6-2).

20.15. Let's start the live broadcast of Olympia Milano-Maccabi in Tel Aviv.

Presentation of Milan-Maccabi – Compilation of the match fully transferred to the Civil Defense

Good evening, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the ninth day of the Euroleague 2019-2020, at which Olympia Milano meets with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

This is a task that puts two of the six leaders under control after eight rounds of this edition of the top continental review, which offers a lot of uncertainty, and in some cases (read ASVEL Villeurbanne) surprises of considerable importance. Today is one of the greatest classic games in the history of the Euroleague, with two consecutive finals of the seasons 1986-1987 and 1987-1988, both of which were won by Olympia, at the time sponsored by Tracer. Since then, Milan has never returned to the finals, but Maccabi reached it nine more times, with four victories.

This great night is not only a bench trial between Ettore Messina and Ioannis Sfairopoulosbut also Dino Menegin, Before the match, in fact, the number 11 T-shirt will be removed, which many will unmistakably identify as the greatest Italian player capable of flying through the centuries and basketball changes in thirty years, 12 championships, 6 Italian cups. 7 European cups (Euroleague of its time), European gold, Moscow Olympic silver, many other trophies and, above all, an indelible mark in the history of the game as such.

Different points, those experienced by two teams: Maccabi scores six consecutive victories in the Euroleague and has a clear course in the league, while Olimpia finished last week the six-series streak of success against Khimki, Moscow. and in the league Fortitudo Bologna managed to win the PalaDozza under pressure from the best Henry Sims season. Gudaitis and Della Valle are still absent in Milan. Tel Aviv is divided, attention to class 2001 Denis Avdia, one of the most interesting prospects for the 2020 project, presented by many around the tenth choice (the same area of ​​the French) Theo Maledon and from Nico Mannion)

Olympia Milano-Maccabi Tel Aviv will begin at 20:45. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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