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“Men and Women” is a war without barriers between Eleanor Rokkini, who tells her the truth, and Delilah Branzani, who answers her the same (also educates Luke Duffre!)

Eleanor Rocchini - Delilah Branzani

Pickup Copy Eleanor Rocchini to the heavy revelations made a few hours ago Delilah Branzaniher ex-boyfriend's sister Oscar Branzani famous Men and women where the two fell in love.

Delilah really showed that Eleanor Despite the strong bond that united her with her ex-daughter-in-law, she began a secret relationship with Nuncio Muccia in recent months historian a former guy from BranzaniThus, putting an end to the delicate balance that was created after breaking with Oscar,

Light the fuse between Oscar, Eleanor and Delilah there was a meeting last Saturday in a place where there was a rather hot and intimate meeting Branzani and Rochchini (you can restore the whole thing in THIS article).

To shed light on what he said Delilah the same arrived Eleanor who shared a long story with social network his version of events:

I never wanted to talk about my personal things, simply because they are personal, but I can no longer read certain comments. […] I was silent for three years, NEVER uttering a comma, then – the only mistake, public shame, threats, etc., so I decided to explain the situation a bit in order to clarify and accept all my responsibilities on how to do it right. Four months ago, I and Oscar we parted, there were so many months when our story was no longer a happy story. For my part, there were betrayals, both physical and not with the girls of Naples, Rome and Milan, lies, disrespect, and even physical and psychological aggression, etc., which I always kept secret, because I believe that intimate relationships should remain so, even if ugly should be protected and not thrown into lions. […] Soon after, I lost myself psychologically, I let go of everything, day after day, I let go of more and more. I was tired, I was not happy, I no longer trusted myself, I was no longer myself. I tried to recover so many times, I did everything, but it was not prepared, everything was taken for granted. […] It was a long time ago, although I tried and tried again next to the person I wanted most, but did not see improvements. At some point, I went completely downhill and decided to close everything, I decided to leave it, even if after three years it was very difficult to completely close, sometimes it was impossible, and in fact, we continued to feel my fault. […] And just at the time when I was in a state of perplexity and complete discomfort, I met a man who gave me spiritual and pure sweetness, which I never received. I allowed myself to leave, although I should not have, I could not do otherwise. This man is a former guy Delilah three years ago I could not talk about it with her, because I did not know where to start and how to justify these emotions, I knew that it was wrong, I was ashamed, I knew that I would lose friendship with her, I suffered but despite this, I could not stop. […] Me and Nunzio we tried to leave, repeatedly, but without success. Then an accident occurred, in which all three participated, of which we all know, and what happened unintentionally brought us closer together. In this incident, before I understood myself well, I was worried about how they were: Delilah and he and I realized, perhaps this interest in him went a little further. I had to stop and talk about it openly, because I could not hide my feelings, even if it was not entirely clear to me, I could not devote more time. […] I know worse than better, I know. She was my family, she was my older sister. […] I’m not justified, I take full responsibility for trying something for Nunziofor being with him without saying anything to her. […] The fact is that this was the only wonderful thing that happened to me after a year full of illnesses, maybe that's why I did not know how to stop. […] Three years later, I met them and tried to give them everything that I had inside, everything that I had available both on a human and a professional level. We created the company that I wanted so badly, and next year it will go online with the 2020 collection I created, but this obviously will not be able to bring my name, because I will no longer work in this company. […] After the rumors appeared about the evening of Saturday evening, when we were all present: I understand the insult, the closure of love, friendship, etc., But from here you can get to hands, threats, spitting in the face and everything else. what everyone saw, despite the denials that are now, lets water under the bridges […] There is no need to tell a story that does not exist. […] Because of my mistake, I have a whole family, and I think I have always shown respect and love in a way that really makes me shudder. […] You kicked me out of the house, picking it up as if it were your own, from the company and everything else without the slightest restraint. […] You know that in life you can make mistakes, but I never went further, I never touched you and never did what you did while we were engaged, while I swore eternal love. […] You behave the way you behaved with Chiara (Biasi, ed) spu ** anandola and forcing her to pass in such a way that she probably did not even deserve it.

A story that does not seem to have been appreciated Delilah who quickly responded to what the former fans said, with a very long rush in which she also presented many intimate details of life that Rochchini brought with family Branzani over the past three years:

He and I met until March, and I suffered a lot during this story, because he and I lived together. […] Talking about my personal things makes me ashamed, but, unfortunately, I'm a “sister”, and I'm not so anonymous, I have to answer this shit. […] if a Oscar he felt with someone, maybe this is because something broke with you, he was mistaken and took over his duties. When he was wrong, which side am I on? From yours. You always let it go Oscar how wrong even in my eyes and my mother that we always blamed him and greeted you worse than your daughter, and you spit on us that we were your family? In August, you made a story by saying:from Oscar things are better“And that evening you were at a hotel in my country with my ex. You were wrong, and now you admit it, well, but you survived because more than a month passed from August 18 to September 27 (accident date)! An accident happened and I was paralyzed in bed, devastated and worried about you and Nunzio that in the next room you were in love. You were found by my mom in a hospital bed. Nunzio, […] Now you want to be a victim, saying that in a year you had nice things, but you told me the same thing when I scolded you, how did you feel with Luca Duffre, I defended you, and this also happens there. Once again, welcome to my house. […] I fought your blood for you. […] This incident occurred because (later I found out) that the two lovebirds quarreled. […] Under the tunnel, he made us fly to make a courageous man who accelerates. […] You spit on your story, which so far has suited you. […] I cry and suffer day and night with this drainage […] Then you were in clubs in Naples to do evenings, and I was in the hospital to fight. […] You went to visit my former home during the day and were with him when I was dying of pain. […] If I have to lose dignity because of your statements, I prefer to lose it alone. […] company Sonten You have not put it on us, we have put it on us. You came later. […] Did you mess around? So, you want to protect what you have done, because in this way, before your false feelings, people should say: "Poor thing, she fell in love." So why are you with my brother again in September? […] You will be informed for what you wrote. Kicks and punches were never given. […]

And what do you think of this complex story?

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