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Medical test, there is a contrand: judges re-accept expelled

Medical test, there is a contrand:
judges re-accept expelled

In the closed-number test, water is now on all sides. Today, in fact, in two years, even students who were expelled from the 2017 elections will be able to attend courses. The Council of State decided: the administrative judges accepted the appeals of those who could not find a place two years ago, as already happened (with the previous ruling) 250 more candidates who did not pass last year’s test.

The motivation is that for the 2019-2020 academic year, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health increased the availability of seats: another 1,600 people. According to the judges, this means that universities had the opportunity to welcome them a year ago. Or two years ago.

Not only that, judges, deciding to accept the applicants, directly point out the need for doctors in Italian medical institutions. Essentially: if there are no doctors in the ward or in the emergency room so that you need to look for them without specialization or retirement age, why exclude aspiring white coats from medical schools? “There is news,” they write in the judge’s decree, “about an increase in the total number of seats by approximately 1600: this increase, even if it is envisaged for the 2019/2020 academic year, is not only an indicator of underestimation of the places currently available in the proposal.” training, but it also seems to be more in line with predicted future health needs. "

Thus, in accordance with the principle indicated by the Council of State, a total of 1,600 additional seats and the same number for 2017 may be available for candidates in 2018. But this can change over the years if there are still students to enter the medicine.
This year, for example, 68 694 students passed testing in medicine and dentistry, choosing one of 12,701 available places. A difficult task, even if compared to the past, the number of places put up for tender was more numerous: precisely the 1600 that have now shaken the closed number of previous years.
“For many years, we have condemned the incorrect calculation of claims,” said Francesco Leone, Simone Fell and Floriana Barbata, partners at Leone-Fell Law Firm, “the calculation, which then leads to the number of prohibited posts. Today, the Council of State is replacing the ministry again, setting the number of additional posts for 2017. It is clear that the ability of teachers to accept students is underestimated: for example, in 2014 the competition had serious irregularities, due to the maturity of the bonus, and with the help of appeals we managed to attract at least 4 thousand more people. A thousand are only in Palermo, and it does not seem to me that the number of additional members has created problems. ”
The question of a limited-number test is more open than ever, even in parliament, where possible reform is being evaluated to provide access to more candidates. “If the state really wants to take more students to the medical faculty,” explains the rector of Sapienza Eugenio Gaudio, former dean of medicine, “he should invest in structures and teachers. Today this is not so: there are no scholarships in the specialty, so an increase in the number of graduates of medical universities means an even greater tightening of the educational funnel. Obviously, we will welcome applicants, but for them there will inevitably be discomfort when entering already started courses in a university structure already saturated with members. ”


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