Friday , March 5 2021

Maria de Filippi bursts into laughter, social media boom

There is Mail for You, Sarina loses her dentures and defeats Maria De Filippi, the public and .... Twitter

There is a post for you, Sarina from Francavilla di Sicilia is a real phenomenon of the transmission conducted by Maria De Filippi.… This sweet lady, her full name is Rosaria Cannavo, the queen of Twitter trends. Between one dentures a lost and real show that amazes everyone and everything. On social media, there are those who idolized her: “She did more for Francavilla di Sicilia than anyone else in history.” Viralissima has become the prosthetics scene on social media. Maria de Filippi asks “has she ever met a mustachioed man” from a guest in the studio, who is in a hurry to answer. And while she does, dentures slide out of her mouth, as the cameras ruthlessly testify. Sarina However, with his hand he manages to avoid the irreparable, namely: the prostheses fall to the ground. Everything between the general fun with Maria de Filippi, mixed with laughter, and the study in delight. The video posted on social media has garnered thousands of likes. It should also be said that the scene was cut from the episode and could only be seen because the same production of C’e Posta per te spread it on Instagram.

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But how did all this happen? We must start with Mr. Stefano, 91, originally from Salina (an island of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily), who more than 70 years ago met a girl with whom he wanted to escape, but whose name he does not now remember. De Filippi introduces Mr. Stefano to three ladies, but none of them is the woman of his youthful dreams. And now, finally, the entrance to Sarin. Who enters the studio kisses the audience and covers Maria De Filippi with compliments.

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