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LIVE Italy-Canada 1-2, Davis Cup 2019 LIVE. Italy wins twice and hopes! Berrettini / Fognini-Pospisil / Shapovalov 6-2, 3-6, 6-3

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0.08: A day that became hard ended with a smile. Tomorrow Canada-USA will be in the spotlight, and on Wednesday Italy will return to the field with the USA. Thank you for joining us and good night

0,07: Fognini decides in the final of the third set with service and response! Italy redeems part of today's non-brilliant test against Pospiel and supports Italy alive, who will have to win 3-0 with the USA and hope to be among the best two seconds to reach the quarterfinals

6-3 ITALY STILL VIVAAAAAAAAAA !!! The match ended in favor of Azzurri Berrettini !!! 2-1 for Canada and Italy will now have to do a miracle with the United States !!! Need Wednesday 3-0

40-30 the first of Berrettini !!!!

30-30 Volkov Shapovalova

30-15 Shapovalov’s answer comes !!!

15-15 I wrote down the answer comes out

3-5 BREAK ITALIAAAAA !!! At the right time !!!

15-40 First Attributed

0-40 Miss Shapovalov !!

0-30 volleys of Fognini !!!

4-3 Still Canadians Mistake

Advantage Italy. Shapovalov's answer comes out


15-40 Victory Answer

15-30 An excellent answer by Shapovalov, but the second Fogini is not effective

15-15 direct volleys of Berrettini

0-15 Fognini & # 39; s goes straight out, now in the blue house there is also a little discouragement

3-3 Berrettini's answer comes out

40-0 service Shapovalova

30-0 Berrettini's answer on the second line

15-0 Ace Shapovalov, of course …

3-2 Fognini & # 39; s smash!

40-30 obverse Shapovalova online

30-30 from Volon Fognini

30-15 Ribbon holds out Azzurri's hand

15-15 Obverse Shapovalova Online

0-15 answer Shapovalova

2-2 No Berrettini Answer

40-15 Berrettini Online

30-15 Shapovalov’s will online

15-0 Berrettini Online

2-1 tall game Berrettini closes third game

40-15 Double Foul Fognini

40-0 Shapovalov answer online

30-0 right salvo of Berrettini

15-0 Volier on the body of Berrettini

1-1 Berrettini answer online. They have no problem saving Canadians

40-0 Ace of Shapovalov. unflagging

30-0 Ace of Shapovalov. Does not apply to service

15-0 rout Defeated

1: 0 Shapovalov retreats, Italy conducts service

40-15 Double Foul Berrettini

The direct answer is 40-0 Shapovalov goes

30-0 Pospisil answer online

15-0 Shapovalov's answer comes out

3-6 Ace of Shapovalov. Now it’s getting tough because there’s a gap between the two pairs

40-15 ace Shapovalov

30-15 Discarded Berrettini Pass released

15-15 rout Defeated

0-15 Shapovalova Street goes out

3-5 A break is approaching, Fognini played very poorly in this game, giving both Canadians who did not need it …

30-40 Incredible misunderstanding of Canadians who cheat a point on Azzurri. They could hit both and not hit anyone

15-40 Berrettini there and scores a volley

0-40 Shapovalova broke

0-30 Volley Berrettini went out

0-15 Fohnini hit on the right

3-4 volley of Shapovalov

40-0 Passerby

30-0 Berrettini left kick response

15-0 Shapovalova rout

3-3 Berrettini service again with an online response. ratio

40-30 Service Berrettini !!!!

30-30 Fognini book released, attention …

30-15 high volleys of Fognini

15-15 On the net the flip side of the indecisive Berrettini

15-0 Shapovalov's answer comes out

2-3 vols wrote down this time is a sign

40-30 Fognini throws a backhand on the net, but gives

30-30 Still network error

30-15 ace Shapovalov

15-15 Fingerprint Assigned Out

15-0 Fognini answer online

2-2 Fognini Service !!! Equality again in the second set

40-15 Bene Net hats

30-15 Demivole Fogini goes

30-0 Pospisil answer also online

15-0 Shapovalov answer sweep online

1-2 responses by Berrettini

40-0 Still Service

30-0 Berrettini answer on the net

15-0 Fognini left kick into the net

1-1 Azzurri out of a difficult situation with a high volley Fognini

40-30 Shapovalov's answer about the second Berrettini comes out

30-30 Service Berrettini!

15-30 Fognini closes high volley with direct

0-30 Berrettini online. A Case Lost by Azzurri

0-15 Stecca Berrettini to Shapovalov's beautiful answer

0-1 Ace of Shapovalov

Advantage Canada Fognini speaks back

40-40 obverse Shapovalova online

40-30 Misunderstanding of the central backhand of Azzurri and Shapovalov matters

30-30 Berrettini backwards on the net

15-30 The reverse side of the leaves of Shapovalov

15-15 Berrettini answer online

0-15 Shapovalova on the back out of the field

6-2 FIRST KIT CLOSED! Asked an answer online. The perfect blues!

40-15 ace second Fognini after the tiger

30-15 Aceeeee Fognini !!!

15-15 I wrote the answer online

0-15 Double Foul Fognini

5-2 Exit from the backhand I wrote, but what a blow Berrettini!

Advantage Italy Double Foul Assigned

40-40 Shapovalov incredibly saved on the net

30-40 majestic response from fognini di reverse

30-30 Great share from Fognini

30-15 Fognini answer comes out

15-15 Pospisil Service

0-15 Will Pospylya in the network

4-2 Defeat Fogini !!! Sixth game closes

40-15 Fognini is saved online, and Pospisil gives him a good present by shooting online

30-15 Meter answer Shapovalova

15-15 maybe I wrote it in the network

0-15 Direct volley Fognini goes out

3-2 ARRIVES THE AZAZURRI BREAK! Shapovalov takes off and gives the game to Italy

15-40 Anomalous backside of Fognini on the net

Volleys 0-40 I wrote down immediately

0-30 Double foul Shapovalov

0-15 Beautiful answer from Fognini

2-2 Bravo Fognini, what a recovery! And wrote down spreads demivolèe on the net

40-30 Shapovalov's answer about the body of Berrettini

40-15 Change from baseline between Fognini and Pospisil, which strikes left

30-15: Anet Berrettini can do nothing with Shapovalov’s answer

30-0 Pospisil no answer

15-0 Shapovalov Street goes

1-2 Pospisil smash

40-30 hit on the body of Fognini

40-15 Berrettini the answer goes

30-15 Shapovalov spanks smash

30-0 In response to Berrettini's answer

15-0 Fognini answer online

1-1 I wrote down the answer

40-0 Fognini enters with a volley on the right and closes the spectacular exchange

30-0 Good First For Berrettini

0-1 Canada Starts Well, Berrettini's Answer Online

40-0 Right volley

30-0 rout Defeated

15-0 from Fognini answer

22.29 Shapovalov Service

22.29: Everything is ready to launch. Italy plays all twice, this is a challenge inside or out

22.24: Russia won the first set 7-6 and ahead 2-1 with Croatia

22.20: Athletes in the warm-up field

22.13: It seems that this does not count, this double will be played with the score 0-2, but this is a decisive challenge, because Italy needs to continue to hope for the qualification point. At this stage, it will be decisive to become one of the two best members of the six groups.

10.22: At other meetings, doubling is taking place. Belgium and Colombia – 1: 1 (7-6, 4-6), Croatia and Russia – for a draw in the first set

18.22: Fognini and Berrettini, on the other hand, will be on the field against Pospisil-Shapovalov. No Bolelli

05.22: A little shortly before the take. We are still waiting for players to be used by two coaches. For Italy should go Fognini and Bolelli in the field

21.41 Between 30/40, a double will take place, almost taken for granted, that Barazzutti relies on Fognini and Bolelli. Let us remember that victory will be crucial in order to continue to hope for a quarterfinal.

21.40 At 4-3 of the third tie-break, Berrettini made a mistake, which probably cost him the game.

Shapovalov beat Berrettini 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. It was a great match. Canada is already confident that it will defeat Italy in this Davis Cup debut, being 2-0 after the first two singles. But be careful: doubling will be fundamental in the blue light, it will go a long way to harbor the hope of qualifying as the best second.

5-7 Shapovalov won. Berrettini seeks the right to counterattack and clearly shows this.

Second play for the blue.

5-6 attacks Shapovalov rightfully and closes in volleys. Canada match point.

5-5 Winning service for the Canadian.

5-4 aces in the center of the Roman at 229 km / h.

4-4 Berrettini misses the pitch and volley. He beat very well. All you need to redo.


The second for Shapovalov.

The next paragraph may be decisive …

3-3 The second solid Shapovalova, the answer of the Roman comes out.

3-2 Shapovalov to the left of the strike to the left.

Another second to play.

2-2 Berrettini draws a rights box.

Berrettini plays the second.

Slap 1-2 on the Shapovalov line.

1-1 Great recovery with the backhand of Berrettini, who arrives at the Canadian's indecisive volleys.

0-1 Berrettini starts very poorly, attacks from behind and misses the volley. Heavy mini-break for Shapovalov.

6-6 The winning service, everything will be decided on a tie-break.

40-15 The desperate defense of Berrettini, Shapovalov is wrong.

Ace 40-0 in the center, unplayable Shapovalov in batting.

30-0 Another stone from Canada and backhand in an open field.

15-0 Immediately powerful service from Shapovalov.

Now either Matteo Berrettini will interrupt Shapovalov’s service, or this match will end without interruption and with three tie-breaks.

6-5 Outside the backhand, the Canadian is progressing.

40-0 Shapovalov defensive response is long.

30-0 Second Roman winner to go out.

15-0 Ace Berrettini in the center.

5-5 Service to go out and straight to the front line. Shapovalov again saves himself with the service.

40 Do nothing, nothing at all. Another deadly Canadian service.

40-40 Excellent response from Berrettini and deadly right on the front line. Parity.

A-40 Needless to say, winning service at Shapovalov.

40-40 Berrettini the answer is short, the Canadian has a convenient right to the network.

40-30 Double foul Shapovalova.

40-15 Another mistake by Berrettini, this time rightfully.

30-15 Service and law, the answer from nowhere is too short.

15-15 Double Foul. Eleventh for a Canadian.

15: 0 Berrettini defended himself very well against Shapovalov’s blow, and then a serious mistake from the other side.

Shapovalov is going to serve among the whistles of Italian fans … Now this is bullfighting.

5-4 Winning service in the center!

40: 0 Martella with the right Berrettini and makes the Canadian make a mistake.

30-0 Kiss of Berrettini-stop volley. What a touch …

15: 0 Berrettini's service and law, the public is unleashed. We are in the true weather of the Davis Cup!

4-4 aces of the second. The Canadian seems to be angry. Berrettini must remain brilliant …

40-15 is another ace. Shapovalov puts his hand to his ear and seems to want to say to the Italians: "I can’t hear you …". Not a good attitude …

Ace 30-15 in the center of the Canadian.

Shapovalov complains about the referee for Italian support.

15-15 The perfect answer from Berrettini, which then painfully legal.

15-0 Shapovalov has an excellent left hand strike at the front line, which ends in a comfortable volley.

The constant of this third set does not change: Berrettini struggles to serve, while the changes of Shapovalov’s batting quickly disappear.


40-30 Enraging the anger of Berrettini. Canadian almost always reacts to stones with 220 km or more or more.

30-30 On the back line, a shot to the left of Berrettini, Shapovalov puts him behind on several inches.

15-30 Berrettini, an open field, pulls at Shapovalov, who is mocking him with a defensive blow. A very serious mistake.

15-15 Pinch the Berrettini line directly, what a thrill! Shapovalov wastes hawkish eyes.

0-15 Shapovalov answers the line, blue comes out on the right.

3-3 Winning service from the Canadian. Nothing to do

40-30 Passer-by with applause with the right of Berrettini. Crazy line!

40-15 Berrettini gives the answer on the left. As usual, he does not trade Shapovalov’s batting.

30-15 Service and Canadian law.

15-15 What is the answer from Berrettini, but the canadian demi will is exalted. Sports applause.

0-15 The right of Shapovalov on the site. Berrettini must now fight on every point and give everything.

3-2 ACE VERY IMPORTANT CENTER! Bravissimo Berrettini, who canceled the decisive break!

A-40 Right on the Berrettini line, Canadian relay.

Another second to play …

40-40 Shapovalov holds the answer to the right, blue to the right, an error to the left of the Canadian. Parity.

30-40 Crazy victory right to cross from Shapovalov. Ball-break, which can solve the game.

Not even the first in this game for Berrettini.

30-30 According to Roman law, it is free that weighs. A very delicate moment …

30-15 A spectacular U-turn of Berrettini at the intersection of lines, Shapovalov recovers, then blue closes the right front line.

Do not enter first in this blue game.

15-15 Second intellectual Berrettini, on the line to the right of the Canadian.

0-15 Nasty left punch in the blue net.

2-2 Canadian Service Winner. We continue on the verge of balance.

40-30 Solid blue from below, Shapovalov is mistaken by right.

40-15 Berrettini's answer online.

30-15 ace in the center.

15-15 On the line is the reverse of Shapovalov, who didn’t really hit.

0-15 The tape rejects Shapovalov’s blow, Berrettini punishes him rightfully.

2-1 Attack of the law and the victorious volley of the Roman. There were no breaks in this game.

40-15 Very heavy trunk to the body, 222 km / h.

30-15 An excellent answer from Shapovalov, who then sends the right too long.

15-15 Berrettini's second body, Canadian response comes out.

0-15 Attack of Berrettini on the net.

1-1 The first powerful, defensive blue answer comes out. We remind you that even in the third set there will be a tie-break in case of 6-6.

40-30 Great answer from Berrettini, who is trying to reopen the game.

40-15 Smash ends outside Canadian.

40-0 Aggressive blue response comes out.

30-0 Canadian Ace

15-0 Crazy hit on the left on the line of Shapovalov. We compare No. 8 and 15 of the world: we see …

1-0 Winning service in the center. Blue is held at the opening of an incomplete third.

40-15 The second well-played body, Shapovalov's answer comes out.

30-15 Deadly on the Canadian line.

30-0 Ace out of blue.

Berrettini’s strict right is 15: 0, Shapovalov’s mistake with a shot to the left.


6-3 SIIIIIIIIIIII !!! GAME TURNS TOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Berrettini won an endless exchange! He raised the level of his game disproportionately at a crucial moment!

5-3 aces in the center of Shapovalov, who throws nothing.

5-2 OUTSIDE PASSAR SHAPOVALOVA! Blue retains the advantage of a mini-break! Now two services for the Canadian.


3-2 Great pass hit on the left, in the net of canadian volleys. Now Berrettini must rely on service!

2-2 Shapovalov immediately punishes him with a heavy first and invisible crossover on the left.

2-1 NOOOOOOO !!! Great service to get out of Berrettini, which then gives a slap on the fly is very convenient! This has already been done! Must forget immediately!

2: 0 Shapovalov again made a mistake in a shot to the left, the uncontrolled cry of Berrettini, which he loads!

1-0 Berrettini's excellent answer in the center, very deep. Makes Shapovalov wrong.

6-6 We are going for a tie-break, another winning bit. Now Berrettini must overcome in order to try to bring this match to third place.

40-0 Body service, blue well.

30-0 ace to get out of Berrettini.

15: 0 A very difficult exchange, Shapovalov misses the simplest shot.

Matteo Berrettini will now serve to stay in the match. The goal of a tie-break for the blue.

5-6 Berrettini puts the legal answer online.

40-15 Shapovalov goes into the net and closes with volleys in law.

30-15 Serving the body, a blue backhand comes out.

15-15 Immediately redeems himself with a magnificent first and convenient punch.

0-15 Double foul against a Canadian. This is the tenth.

5-5 Winning service in the center.

40-15 Heavy Roman law, the reverse side of Shapovalov is online.

30-15 Right to a crazy Roman fan, the Canadian reacts very well.

15-15 Shapovalov protects everything and makes Berrettini make a mistake.

15-0 Return from the Canadian back.

4-5 Berrettini does everything well, then he rightfully misses the volleys.

40-30 Outside of Berrettini, the Canadian returned to serve well.

30-30 The right to defense of Berrettini comes out of breath, but this is the demi-will of the Canadian.

15-30 Another double phallus, but let's not fool ourselves. The Canadian knows how to redeem himself at the sound of an ace, as he has already demonstrated.

15-15 Double Foul.

15-0 Service and Canadian law.

4-4 Shapovalov’s answer is clearly coming out.

40-15 Volée backhand in blue, which came online with an attack on the right.

30-15 first powerful in the center of the Roman.

15-15 Conveniently halfway through the Berrettini network. Blue always fights in his batting rounds in this second set.

15-0 The Canadian answer comes from a whisper.

3-4 Another blow to the body. In fact, in the service of Shapovalov, this is not played out.

40-15 Ace of Canadian who successfully uses hawk's eye.

30-15 Shapovalov misses a convenient right.

30-0 Hitting the hull and hitting to the left to sign with an open field.

15-0 Canadian victorious service, which, on the contrary, gives almost nothing to the Romans.

3-3 Shapovalov in reverse, which does not give light points in blue, almost always also responds to the first serve.

40-30 caps with the opposite sign – a key point in the game.

30-30 Powerful service and a short ball to sign from the start.

15-30 A long exchange, the first failure is a Canadian, one of the very rare gifts of the evening. Shapovalov responds impressively.

0-30 Shapovalov makes a very bad shot on the left, Berrettini is still mistaken by law.

0-15 Bad mistake of Berrettini's law. A warning …

2-3 Service and the flip side of Shapovalov, who plays the champion in sensitive moments.

A-40 Ace of Canada.

40-40 An open field Shapovalov throws himself in Berrettini, who mocks him with a monk! The ratio is 40-0.

40-30 Canadian laws in the corridor.

40-15 Double foul Shapovalov.

40-0 backhand jumping at the intersection of lines. The Canadian is worried.

30: 0 Excellent right to the intersection and the victory volley of Shapovalov.

15-0 Continue to score Shapovalov. Here is the key to the match.

2-2 Good service, Berrettini avoids risks in a game that is complicated.

40-30 Double foul. Berrettini does everything …

Ace 40-15 in the center.

30-15 Victory service to enter Berrettini.

15-15 Blue sticks are perfectly straight.

15-0 Берреттини обслуживает тело.

1-2 Выигрышный сервис в центре. А Берреттини этим вечером нужен настоящий подвиг, чтобы перевернуть этот матч.

40-15 Прекрасный ответ от Берреттини, но еще лучше оборотная сторона Шаповалова.

30-15 В коридоре право пересечь канадский.

30-0 Берреттини пытается выйти из обмена и ставит правую линию фронта онлайн. Канадец очаровывает своим одноручным ударом сзади.

15-0 Берреттини имеет право выходить в интернет.

1-1 Победа итальянского сервиса.

40-0 Короткий мяч римлянина, Шаповалов попадает туда, синие закрывают залпом слева.

30-0 Берреттини забивает с правого, а затем закрывает удар с полевого поля.

15-0 Служба и право Берреттини.

0-1 Туз канадский.

40-15 Двойной фол.

Впечатляющая линия фронта 40-0 Шаповалова справа.

30-0 Берреттини сдерживает удар слева в сетку.

15-0 Отличный бар и разгром Шаповалова, который с сервисом делает прекрасную и непогоду.

Шаповалов выиграл первый сет за 7-6. Сколько сегодня сожалеет об Италии, также думая о предыдущем матче Fognini.

5-7 атаки Берреттини справа, пас Шаповалова и стоп-залп римлянина, который заканчивается в сетке.

5-6 CRAZY DOUBLE Сделай это! Третье задание, теперь на линии Берреттини.

4-6 Хороший ответ римлянина на канадский закон, который имеет еще одну точку отсчета на службе.

3-6 Еще одна ошибка закона Берреттини, которая ставит под угрозу первый частичный. Три уставки для канадца.

3-5 Большой диагональный удар слева от канадца, Берреттини рвы справа. Канадец играет лучше по пересеченной местности.

3-4 Ответ Берреттини сокращен, давняя правая победа Шаповалова.

3-3 Шаповалов играет на линии и заставляет Берреттини ошибаться после напряженной обороны. В этом тай-брейке не было мини-перерывов.

3-2 Туз в центре Берреттини.

2-2 Туз, чтобы выйти из римлян.

Атака 1-2 Шаповалова Берреттини ставит в сетку прохожего не невозможно. Канадец служит очень хорошо.

1-1 Отличный удар Шаповалова, Берреттини вернулся в сетку.

1-0 Бесплатно для Шаповалова.

6-6 Мы идем на тай-брейк, Берреттини не содержит ускорения противника справа.

40-0 Служба и право канадца. Простая игра.

30-0 Атака Шаповалова сзади и победный залп. Тай-брейк приближается.

15-0 Канадский победивший сервис.

6-5 ДРУГОЙ ТУЗ В ЦЕНТРЕ! Римлянин все еще спасает себя от очень деликатной ситуации!

A-40 Ace в центре Берреттини.

40-40 Шаповалова бьется слева, Берреттини был в обороне.

30-40. Когда поле полностью открыто, Берреттини помещает его в правильный коридор. Перерыв

30-30 Пассанте ди Шаповалов, залп Берреттини в сети.

30-15 Шаповалов спасает все, Берреттини удается получить точку с широким правом прямо на линии.

15-15 Большое правое дальнее расстояние от Берреттини, который застает канадца врасплох.

0-15 Шаповалов очень хорошо противостоит правой стороне Берреттини, затем меняет инерцию обмена и идет к знаку права на пересечение.

5-5 Сервис для выхода из канадца, который отменил три уставки. Теперь Берреттини должен немедленно забыть эту великую упущенную возможность.

A-40 Еще один подарок от Берреттини – это юридический ответ.

40-40 Вернулся назад Берреттини, который заканчивается длинной, очень серьезной ошибкой для синих, которая пропускает третье заданное значение.

40-А Наряду с канадским законодательством.

40-40 Туз Шаповалов. Нечего делать Берреттини на двух заданных значениях.

40-A Канадский закон онлайн. Новая уставка.

40-40 Второй галлюцинатор Шаповалова, который затем идет подписывать с правом на крест.

30-40 ДВОЙНОЙ СДЕЛАЙ ЭТО! Set-точка.

30-30 канадский разгром, деликатная оценка ситуации.

15-30 КТО ПРОХОДИТ БЕРРЕТТИНИ! Канадский залп попадает в сеть.

15-15 Агрессивный обратный ответ Берреттини, слишком длинный.

0-15 Двойной фол канадца, который начинается, когда Берреттини начал предыдущую игру.

5-4 Бесплатная ошибка Шаповалова. Браво Берреттини, какая умственная сила! Он отменил две другие точки останова.

А-40 Берреттини вправе махать, задняя часть Шаповалова заканчивается в коридоре.

40-40 Второй мягкий, тяжелый ответ канадцев и Берреттини ставит в правильную сеть. Четность.

A-40 Хорошая секунда, реверс Шаповалова в сети.

40-40 ЧТО ПОДАРОК! Короткий мяч Берреттини, Шаповалов попадает туда, но убирает его с дороги! Очень серьезная ошибка канадца.

30-40 тузов на пересечении линий для синих. Еще один брейкбол.

15-40 Берреттини выходит в сетку, Шаповалов прибивает его ударом прохожего. Два разбить шары.

15-30 Атака в тылу римлянина выходит.

15-15 Сразу же выкупает сильным первым, которого не содержит противник.

0-15 Берреттини начинает с серьезного двойного фола.

4-4 Еще одна юридическая ошибка Берреттини. Шаповалов очень легко держит свои смены.

40-0 Все еще выигрышная услуга для канадца.

30-0 Хороший ответ от Берреттини, который затем захватывает право в сетку.

Туз Шаповалова 15-0.

4-3 Эффектная сетевая биржа, Берреттино побеждает с кошачьими рефлексами!

40-15 Бесплатная ошибка закона для канадца, мяч в коридоре.

30-15 Скиаффо на лету Берреттини, обратный прохожий Шаповалова задыхается.

15-15 Служба и право Берреттини пересечь.

0-15 Право Берреттини ясно проявляется.

3: 3 Победная служба, момент трудностей Шаповалова продлился совсем немного.

40-30 туз канадца, который распутывает сложный моток.

30-30 Выдающийся демаволь по Шаповалову, что за класс.

15-30 Еще один двойной фол от Шаповалова, второй подряд!

15-15 Двойной фол у канадца.

15: 0 Шаповалов продолжает служить очень хорошо, Берреттини не находит ответных мер в ответ.

3-2 Сначала выбраться из Берреттини, который возвращается вперед. Перерывов не было, римлянин был под 0-40 на 1: 1.

40-15 Великий Волле Шаповалов. Очень высокий уровень

40-0 БОЛЬШАЯ ТОЧКА! Короткий мяч канадца, Берреттини попадает туда. Лоб Шаповалова, синий, спиной к сетке, бьет ракеткой по ногам! Траектория возрастает, и канадец пропускает удар!

Туз 30-0 вне римлян.

15-0 Резкое обслуживание, чтобы выбраться из Берреттини.

2-2 Туз Шаповалова. Это очень сложно, но мы это знали.

40-15 канадских победителей.

30-15 Отличный ответ слева от Берреттини, затем Шаповалов бросает удар слева в сетку.

30-0 Продолжайте хорошо служить канадцу, обмен даже не начнется.

15: 0 Хорошо до Шаповалова, ответ Берреттини в сети.

2-1 Берреттинии с первым спасается римлянин, который отменил три контрольных точки!

Преимущество Берреттини, все еще красивое первое снаружи

40-40, 2-е соотношение: ищите глубину Шаповалова, удар Берреттини в сети

Берреттини преимущество, отличный первый центральный из синих

40-40 И третий брейк-мяч тоже уходит, Шаповалов отправляет по бэкхенду

30-40 Шаповалов сломал мяч: ответ канадца вышел

15-40 Два перерыва Шаповалов: туз Берреттини

0-40 Три перерыва Шаповалов: Берреттини остается пригвожден к спине, который он кладет в сетку

0-30 Прямо впереди Берреттини из неудобной позиции

0-15 Falco спасает Шаповалова на Берреттини сначала, отказывая АСА в синеве, затем канадец использует спуск римлянина к воротам, чтобы вывести великого прохожего прямо в гонку.

1-1 Хороший прямо из центра Шаповалова, который напечатан в нижней строке

40-15 Реверс из службы Шаповалова, который останавливается в сети

40-0 Первый победитель Шаповалова

30-0 Отличный ответ от Берреттини на секунду Шаповалова, но удар слева, он хотел подойти к воротам, не превышает ленты

15-0 Второй заряд Шаповалова

1-0 БерреттиниПервый туз для римлян

40-0 Отличное решение прямо в уединении от сервиса Берреттини

30-0 он забивает гол и закрывает точку Берреттини

15-0 Первый внешний Берреттини

На службе Берреттини

6.44 вечера: игроки на скамейках, вы собираетесь начать!

18.43: Мы также наблюдаем за происходящими в данный момент матчами: в Хорватии-России Борна Корич и Карен Хачанов находятся на 4-4, а на удивление, в Бельгии-Колумбии Давид Гоффин страдает против Даниэля Элахи Галана: 3-6 1-1.

18.39: Маттео Берреттини и Денис Шаповалов сейчас находятся на поле, готовые сыграть разогрев на втором важном поле в мадридской Каха Магике.

18.38: Andiamo a vedere cos’è successo negli altri incontri: in Belgio-Colombia, Steve Darcis ha battuto nettamente Santiago Giraldo per 6-3 6-2, mentre in Russia-Croazia Andrey Rublev ha superato per 6-3 6-3 Borna Gojo, sostituto di Marin Cilic.

18.33: C’è un solo precedente tra Berrettini e Shapovalov, ed è datato 2018: a San Pietroburgo vinse il canadese, al secondo turno, per 7-6(6) 4-6 6-0.

18.30: Berrettini, dunque, ha una grande responsabilità.

18.27: Questa superficie, in teoria, dovrebbe aiutare Berrettini nel servizio.

18.24: Berrettini dovrà puntare sul suo scherma servizio-dritto per mettere in difficoltà le giocate mancine di Shapovalov.

18.20: Sarà un match molto difficile per Berrettini, che dovrà affrontare Shapovalov in una grande condizione, come dimostra la finale raggiunta nel 1000 di Parigi-Bercy e la vittoria a Stoccolma.

Ora tocca a Berrettini contro Shapovalov e l’azzurro deve assolutamente vincere

Termina qui! Fognini perde il primo incontro di questa Coppa Davis 2019 contro Pospisil: 6-7 (5) 5-7 lo score per il canadese. Fognini deludente e situazione di vantaggio per il Canada.

40-15 Stecca il dritto Fognini e due match-point per il canadese.

30-15 Altro ace centrale del canadese.

15-15 Ace esterno di Pospisil.

0-15 Perde il primo punto il canadese, con il dritto.

C’è il break! Fognini affossa il suo dritto in rete e ora Pospisil potrà andare a servire per il match.

30-40 Altro servizio centrale per il ligure, resta però un’altra palla break.

15-40 Annulla la prima palla break con la prima di servizio esterna.

0-40 Tre palle break per Pospisil! Grande attacco in controtempo del canadese e ora Fognini deve fare un miracolo.

0-30 Altro errore con il rovescio di Fognini, attenzione!

0-15 Colpisce male il dritto Fognini, che spedisce lontano il suo colpo.

Ace di Pospisil e 5-5 nel 2° set. Fognini andrà ora in battuta.

40-15 Servizio esterno ben giocato dal canadese e due palle del 5-5 nel 2° set.

30-15 Servizio-dritto per Pospisil che gioca molto bene sul doppio colpo.

15-15 Buona la prima al centro del canadese ed out la risposta di Fognini.

0-15 In rete il rovescio di Pospisil nello scambio da fondo.

Buona prima al centro di Fognini e 5-4 in suo favore nel 2° set. Ora il canadese andrà a servire per rimanere nel parziale.

40-15 Il nastro devia out il dritto di Fognini.

40-0 Splendido rovescio incrociato di Fognini sull’attacco di Pospisil.

30-0 Lunga la risposta con il dritto di Pospisil.

15-0 Excellent straight in the Fognini cross on the right.

Ace in the center I wrote and 4-4 in the second set. now there is a decisive moment in partial. Fognini in batting.

40-15 Fognini right once again and two goals for 4-4 in the second set.

30-15 Posisil slice service and answer Fognini online.

15-15 Directly into the net from Fabio, who loses great chances for an advanced exchange.

0-15 Double foul

Zero Fognini holds the service and goes to 4-3 in the second set. Now it will be the Canadian who won the first partial to go and serve. There were no breaks in the second fraction.

40-0 Central Ace Fabio.

30: 0 Fognini acceleration with the front line was excellent.

15-0. Fingerprint of the answer I wrote.

3-3 во втором сете, удар слева в сети от Fognini и еще одна негативная игра. Ligurian goes to the service.

40-0 Fognini's answer is long in the center of Pospiel.

30-0 Another mistake by Fabio, who also suffers from a back in the second set.

15-0 Inverted back to the net from Fognini, a bit lazy in this case with his legs.

Ace Fabio, who, with less worries, holds the service and goes 3-2 in the second set. The Canadian will now go to the beat.

40-15 Great depths with reverse for Fognini and direct Pospisil.

30-0 Excellent first in the center of Fognini and has nothing to do with the backhand for Pospisil.

15-0 Well, first in the Ligurian section and on the net shot I wrote.

2-2 in the second set, the service of the Pospiel body and Fogini's senseless reaction. Blue will serve.

40-30 Does not answer Fognini to the first Pospisil slice.

30-30 Double foul against the Canadian.

30-15 Another first in the center Pospisil, which continues to beat.

15-15 A great game on the network I wrote and there is nothing to do.

0-15 A great short ball from Fognini that surprises Pospisil.

He decides with Fognini serve and salvo and leads 2-1 in the 2nd set, but not without suffering. He signed off to serve.

Fognini Slice Service, which delivers Pospisil problems and benefits.

40-40 Passante of Pospisil in a multiplayer game that blues don't play.

Vantazhio Fognini, still hard to hit on the right Ligurian and another ball for 2: 1 in the 2nd set.

40-40 Double foul by Fognini.

Vantazhio Fognini, straight from the Canadian, but it seems he always has the initiative.

40-40 Directly in the network I wrote, which, however, seems to have a different exchange rate.

An advantage of Pospisil, Fognini cannot control the impact of Canadians.

40-40 Excellent backside I wrote, which also rises from the bottom.

The advantage of Fognini is the Canadians' slightly long response.

40-40 A short ball Pospiel, again, with Fognini far behind.

40-30 Отлично сначала в середине Fognini и 2-1 мяч во втором сете.

30-30 Хорошая атака с аномальным ударом Фогини.

15-30 loses control with reverse Fognini.

15-15 Fognini Cross-Straight.

15-0 From the Canadian crossover direct I wrote that he was always strong.

An excellent game in the Pospisistil grid on the line and 1: 1 in the second set. Fognini serve.

40-30 Serve Posipil slice and do not hit Fognini well with a punch in the front.

30-30 Another aggressive hit by Fogini on the right side of the Pospiel field.

30-15 Great attack with a right kick for Fogini and Canada late.

30-0 A powerful forward Canadian and Fognini defensive response.

15-0 Smash played Pospisil excellently at a good first in the center.

1-0 for Fognini, who started well in the 2nd set, and now Pospisil is going to serve.

40-15 Straight Cross He wrote, who always tries to please.

30-15 In a straight line I wrote in a long exchange.

15-15 The short ball was excellently played by the Canadian, including because Fogini played too far behind.

15-0 hit Assigned to a stopped tape.

Fognini opens a second service kit.

Return to the Fognini network, and the first set is given to I wrote to 6-6 (5). In fact, there are so many regrets about Ligurian.

5-6 Right through I wrote it, but now the Canadian can close the first set using the service. Attention!

4-6 The excellent Pospisil crossover reverse that surprises Fogini and his two settings.

4-5 This time, Fognini’s excellent answer with forehand played in the wrong Pospiel’s network. Blue will now serve.

3-5 Answer Fognini's answer for a second is not impossible from Canada …

3-4 Well, first in the center of Fognini, but ahead of the Canadian and there will be two services.

2-4 Fognini plays too short, and Pospisil uses it to suppress the blows and find a new mini-break.

2-3 Restore the Fognini mini-break by responding to a good direct answer. But now the Ligurians should absolutely get two points for the service.

1-3 Another hit to the left of the net from Fognini, which is now in trouble.

1-2 Mini-break in favor. I wrote it, wrongly not in favor of the Ligurian.

1-1 First to the Fognini body and Canadian errors.

0-1 Very deep Pospisil crossover and excellent mesh closure. Fognini at the service.

The backhand is completely wrong on the Canadian side and therefore we are going for a tie-break.

40-15 Direct magnificent Ligurian line and two goals of 6-6.

30-15 Excellent ahead of Fognini.

15-15 A consistent response on the Pospiel line.

15-0 Hit the shot to the left of Pospil, which, as always, forces the exchange.

Pospisil is thus saved by canceling the three break points and scoring a hit. 6-5 for him in the 1st set and Fognini will serve to stay in partial.

Advantage Assigned, a deep canadian attack and nothing to do Fabio.

40-40 Fognini's excellent answer with leading edge on the right in the second Pospisil.

The advantage of Posisil, which still finds an excellent first place in the middle.

40-40 Nooo! Bad Fognini error with reverse on the second Pospisil.

30-40 Another central and nothing to do with Fognini.

15-40 outer ace

0-40 DOUBLE DO IT! The network gives out a Canadian and three breakthrough opportunities for Fognini.

0-30 Still in a continuous exchange, the reverse issues Pospisil.

0-15 In a straight line Pospisil, which still exceeds with this stroke.

Amazing Fognini with a waving of his right hand and 5-5 in the first set. Now the Canadian will serve.

40-30 Very good Fognini to go into the net and with the ball of the counterweight brings home the point.

30-30 Answer on the line with the forehead I wrote it down.

30-15 Still too long for Pospiel, who is trying to get rid of the exchange.

15-15 Fognini's shot ends due to an unsuccessful tape.

15-0 Wrong shot on the left. He wrote it back in exchange.

Deep right wrote that holds the service and goes to 5-4 in the 1st set. Blue will be used to stay in partial.

40-30 Posisil service slice and cross Fognini straight.

30-30 So far, the bus is straight Directed to a deep attack by Fognini.

30-15 Central Ace

15-15 Wide crossed straight line I wrote, which does not accept in a long exchange.

The 15-0 Pospisil keeps a good watch online, despite the excellent passerby Fognini.

He keeps Fabio on the line, plays great with backhand in the back and Pospiel ditches in the net. 4-4 in the 1st set and I assigned went to serve.

40-0 In the maneuver once again I wrote down sends straight.

Ace 30-0 in the center of Fognini.

15-0 Еще одна ошибка прямо из Посписила, который не находит размер выстрела.

The reverse side wrote down leaves, and there is a countervail! Canada is ahead of 4-3 in the first set, but Fognini may even pay the bill with the service.

30-40 Rischia Pospisil on the second, finding the line to and from Fognini's answer.

15-40 Fogini's impressive flip shot shines brilliantly. Two balls of contra.

15-30 From the direct cross of Fognini that in this exchange is too off the field.

0-30 Directly still online. I wrote down Fognini's weightless answer.

0-15 Bravo Fognini in the grid at close range and with a backhand well finds the corner.

A long direct attack by Pospiel and 4-2 for the Canadian in this first set, which he will serve.

40-15 Fourth double foul from Fognini, which actually does too much.

40-0 A strong blow as opposed to Fogini and nothing to do for Assigned.

30-0 A clean shot to the left at Pospil, who fights to the bottom.

15-0 Directly online in response to I wrote.

An excellent victory Pospil, who holds the service and brings the score to 4: 1 in this first set. Fognini will go to serve.

Network advantage, excellent game on the network of Pospil and passer Fogini.

40-40 Aggressive response by Fabio with a shot to the left and Assigned does not find the ball well.

40-30 aces to get out of Pospisil and a 4-1 goal for Canada in this first set.

30-30 Another gift from Pospil, who shoots in the forehead.

30-15 From the Fognini crossover reverse cycle.

15-15 Straight from I wrote that it was exaggerating.

15-0 Another good first Canadian service and direct access to the network.

Return from Fognini and the break will come at fifteen. 3-1 for ascribed, Canadian to serve.

15-40 Another double foul from Fognini, which was hastened. Break for the ball for ascribed.

15-30 Second double foul from Fognini.

15-15 Good first external service Fognini and direct Pospisil.

0-15 Meeting with the answer I wrote down is very well resolved.

Great service for the body of Pospisil, along the back of Fognini. Canada leads 2-1 in this 1st set, Fognini will go to serve.

40-15 Bravo Fabio attacks Attributed with the second and short ball of excellent quality.

40-0 Terzo ace in a row for Pospisil, with an elusive trajectory.

30-0 Still Ace for Chained, which finds the outer row

15-0 Central Ace I wrote.

An excellent game in the service of Fognini, slicing and nothing to do for Assigned, who returns to the service.

40-15 Double foul for Fognini, which also forces the second.

40-0 Very deep straight from Fognini and the fence from Pospisil.

30-0 The backhand for Pospiel, who is trying to take a chance with the Canadian to cut back on trade.

15-0 An excellent first Fognini center and direct online for the Canadian.

Очень отзывчивый Посписил на прямой ответ Фогини и 1: 0 для Канады в этом первом сете. Fognini at the service.

40-30 tier turnover of the remarkable Fognini & # 39; s.

40-15 The first central wrote and does not find the desired effect Fabio.

30-15 Serving the Body She wrote that there was nothing to be done for Fabio.

15-15 I exaggerate with a crossed right I wrote and a gift from a Canadian.

15-0 Service – direct for the Canadian, a good first point for him.

16.22: At the service I wrote.

16.20: the players have completed the warm-up phase and it will soon begin.

16.18: As mentioned, it will not be easy for the blues, given that the fast surface could smile at the Assignment: a very experienced player in the service.

16.14: Fognini and Pospisil play during the warm-up phase.

November 16: Exciting, as always, listening to Mameli's Anthem.

08.16: the time has come for hymns.

06/16: Teams line up after regular presentations.

16.03: это особые моменты, Fognini должен предложить спектакль, достойный этого имени. There is hope that Ligurian has recovered from his physical problems.

16.00: The revolution of this 2019 edition with Azzurri who want to be ready.

15.58: Soon we will play in this edition of the Davis Cup in 2019.

15.55: Fognini will have to pay attention to the cut of the opponent, which, especially on the right, may matter

15.53: You play on a fast surface, and Fognini will have to move well and then absorb the offensive Pospisil game.

15.51: At the opening ceremony in Manolo Santana, opening and exacerbating tension for Italy's debut.

15.49: The calculation of the previous ones is 1-1 between the two, but Fognini should have something more in terms of the tennis repertoire.

15.47: Fognini has an excellent chance, against the player it is possible. Auger-Aliassime due to ankle problems.

15.45: Fognini makes its debut at the first meeting with the Assigned. There will not be assigned. Berrettini confronts Shapovalov.

15.43: The national team led by Corrado Barazzutti will rely on Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini in singles, while it will be clear what the composition of the double will be, which will also depend on the available physical resources. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli are ready to enter the game, not forgetting Lorenzo Sonego.

15.41: Players enter the Caja Magica in Madrid.

15.40: Bel Paese was included in the same group of Canadians, in particular, the United States, and the goal is to win a record to enter the quarterfinals, without the need to come to terms and be part of a better second,

15.38: Madrid’s fast indoor Azzurri will debut in a new format competition that has sparked so much discussion.

15.35: Hello and welcome to Italy-Canada LIVE LIVE, the actual match for the Davis Cup F-group tennis finals.

Davis Cup Program (November 18) – Davis Cup Presentation (November 18)

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE Italy-Canada, a valid match for the F-group Davis Cup tennis final, Soon in Madrid, Azzurri will debut in a competition of a new format, which caused so many discussions. Bel Paese was included in the same group of Canadians, to be precise, of the United States, and the goal is to win a record to enter the quarterfinals, not agreeing with the ranks of the second best.

National team led by Corrado Barazutti will rely on Matteo Berrettini and Fabio FogniniIn the singular, it is not yet clear what the composition of the double will be, which will also depend on the available physical resources. Тем не менее, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli they are ready to enter the game without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego, On the other side of the network you will have to deal with a very young Canada, given lefties Denis Shapovalov (class 99) and Felix Auger Aliassime (class 2000). These are two very dangerous tennis players, because they have an excellent talent, which was noticed during the season. Deficiencies may be against Auger Aliassime due to some physical problems that prevented him from taking part in the last tournaments of the year.

OA Sports offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, a valid match for Group F any Davis Tennis Cup Final: real-time news and constant updates. Starts at 4 p.m. (Photo: LaPresse).

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