Wednesday , January 27 2021

League of Nations: Germany-Netherlands 2-2, France from the final four

ROME – In Gelsenkirchen one could see the future of European football. Germany-Holland 2-2 after the game with two faces, made beautiful even the veins of madness. The challenge is never banal, if it is true that the German 2-1 in the 1974 world final is referred to as a breakthrough between the old and the new football. Dutch laughter, the main characters of the double return in the last minutes: the point actually allows them to access the Final Four Leagues of Nations. In the standings Oranje in 7, like France, but with the best situation in direct clashes.

The weakening of the Dutch after the failure to get to the Europeans and the World Cup continues with giant strides led by Ronald Cuman. Just mention 2-0 in France in addition to the 3-0 Germans in the first match. For the Dutch, one more thing: this time the jewels of De Jong (the midfield brain in the sights of Manchester City) and De Ligt (the defender who seemed to promise Barcelona) did not shine, but what kind of person. The team remained tied to the race, when the situation seemed to be out of control, and then went out decisively in the final.

Despite the last place in the group and the risk of sowing in the draw for the qualification for the following Europeans (this will happen if Poland does not lose in Portugal), there are good signals also from the Teutonic side. Probably, if the trainer Loew on time launched a lot of young talents of German football, Germany would have with great dignity renounced the world throne than it showed in the unsuccessful campaign of Russia. True, we saw senators such as Hummels, Kroos, Muller (entered the rebuilding and reached 100 in the national team), just to name a few. Illuminated frame expert, 3-4-3 years old, without offensive landmarks. Werner (who was already in the world at that time), the emerging talents Sanah and Gnabri worked well offensively, and outsiders Schultz and Kerer took care of the double phase. First-time considerations that seemed to close the game. 2-0 matured in the early stages, thanks to Werner’s right and San’s diagonal, which surprised Dutch goalkeeper Kilsesen.

Shooting is changing. The Dutch are gradually taking command of operations, and the Germans, despite a good counterattack, cannot kill the game. Turn at the last minute. In 5 от from the end Prometz, to the right of the edge of the area, cold Neuer, and then … Then comes the classic, the giant defender, who goes to the attacker added. Van Dyke, Liverpool's highly paid defender, jumped three meters to hit the ball. This time he doesn’t need the domineering detachment, but a touch of robbery a few meters from Neuer to complete the framework of the final four of the League of Nations: Holland, Portugal, Switzerland and England.

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