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Justice, the new black smoke is a prescription. Green light for civil proceedings

ROME – New black smoke on justice. The recipe is always shared by the majority. Guardasigilli Alfonso Bonafede does not sell after the entry into force of its law (“dead” recipe after the first degree) in January 2020. And he does not accept the counter proposal Pd. In the same way do the Dems who refuse his mediation. Only a new civil process is underway, “a reform that halves the process time,” says Bonafed. But the knot remains the recipe.

Bonafede launches two solutions "towards the Democratic Party." He explains to her: "For those acquitted, first of all, there will be an expedited appeal procedure, urgent negotiations, which will last only a few months." Again: “The ability to access compensation that already exists should be facilitated if there is a violation of the conditions.” This is a decisive addition to the procedural requirement required by Pd. Which from yesterday, with a bill in the chamber, also calls on Forza Italia High Justice Enrico Costa, who baptizes her “short trial,” like during the time of the Berlusconi government. He was also asked to block the minister's statute of limitations. So that the Democratic Party could also vote.

This happens on the justice table between M5S, Pd, Italy alive and Leu, allies of the government who are trying to avoid the prime minister, this time the hundredth clash of justice, for the third night summit in Chigi's palace. In order to convince Bonafede to postpone his statute of limitations with doubt. But he crowds out the allies and suggests urgently considering the calls of the acquitted.

The Democratic Party insists. First he wants guarantees of a quick trial, he demands that Bonafed’s law be stopped. The minister smells of a trap, repeats: "citizens can no longer wait, now it's time to leave."

The Democratic Party insists on two demands. The first, in force today, sets the time for prosecution for each crime. Demos want to add a “procedural” prescription, so the appeal cannot last more than two years, and the appeal in the Supreme Court is only one year. Honors in case of conviction or acquittal. In the first case, the convict, if his appeal lasts more than two years, receives a discount on his term. Who is acquitted is certainly free. But the Democratic Party claims contextuality, Bonafede reports, “only” if it passes its procedural order. And the Nice Guardian comes.

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