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Julia Spend / "The alleged betrayal of Pierluigi Gollini? It hurts! "(Big Brother Vip 2018)

The news of the alleged betrayal of Pierluigi Gollini is not reported directly to Julia Spend, and her sister Sylvia. She is shown the titles of articles about the guy who will try with others in the disco during the absence of Julia. Sylvia reports this to her sister, who immediately breaks out in tears. But first Alfonso Signorini intervened to remind them that this was not said, this is true, and then Ilari Blazi. “Do not lose your goal and remember that you are doing Big Brother, the program you saw in the chat … Gossip is also part of this program,” says the moderator. Then Julia begins her courage again: “I didn’t expect it, it hurts me, I don’t say anything, because there is no truth. – and adds – I still continue my journey, I came here with my sister and do not give up now. ” (Update from Anna Montesano)

Bad news about boyfriend

A difficult moment for Julia Spend a new straight Big Brother Vipe. We are talking about his fiancé, Pierluigi Gollini, and how the girl was particularly affected by his lack this week. Ilari Blazi makes a film that outlines his inconveniences that cause her to collapse in tears. But it was at that moment that Blazy revealed gossip about the fact that he had been circulating on the Internet for several days, and that he would like it to be not exactly true, as Julia had hoped. However, before telling her about the gossip, Blazy divides the two sisters Conduct: Julia stays in the living room, Sylvia enters the room at the head, and it is here that the host begins to prepare Donatella's blackberry for what she is about to tell her sister. Soon they will know the rumors about Pierluigi Gollini: what will be the reaction of Julia and Sylvia? (Update from Anna Montesano)

Scene filmed for Julia Spend it?

Julia Spend will have to prepare for today's coup: Big Brother Vip 3 will split two Donatella. Thus, blonde sisters will have to play a single game from now on, and therefore she will not be able to overcome the next few weeks. The only way to save himself from possible televoting is to actually get the title of the first finalist with the doubt that he cannot be immediately assigned to Walter Nudo. The goal of production is to compete competitors to oppose each other, which can only happen by nominating a partial winner as a member of two small groups. Julia and her sister actually hold the competitors' reins with songs and cassiar, but they have no control over the whole group. On the other hand, there is always Francesco Monte and his supporters to ensure a multitude of strategies that none of them get into televoting. Meanwhile, social media show a clear discontent towards Donatella without exception. Exaggerated, screaming, ignorant. Of the meat on the fire, many were delivered, and the return of Alessandro Chechchi Paona, even if within a few minutes, promises other clouds in the sky of the Provisions.

Julia Carry Out, Big Brother Vip 2018: semi-training

The week passed quickly Julia Spendhalfway to Big Brother Vip 2018. Blonde Donatella has actually disconnected once more, and even if you can still see how she jumps and engages other participants in the games, she seems increasingly alienated and nostalgic. We see her on the side of Andrea Mainardi to keep fit, in the kitchen, to socialize with the rest of the group. And, above all, sing loudly in anticipation of this evening singing contest. But his mood no longer resembles time, so much so that even the cameras linger a little on the girl. Perhaps at this point in the race you would expect a message from the outside that does not concern Monica’s mom this time. Julia is very upset by the nostalgia of Pierluigi Gollini, who in the meantime is at the center of the gossip of Deanira Marzano, a former rival of Saranno Isolani. According to the influential one, in fact, he would see flirting between an Atanta player and a group of girls, in particular, with one, with whom he left after a night in Hollywood in Milan. Confession, called Kasi Signorini, where gossip is king.

Again in tears

Julia Spend again in tears at Big Brother Vip 2018: continues to feel the lack of a fighter all stronger. Especially at night, when thoughts start to amaze the minds of all the competitors of House. Julia is not only that the girl is always happy and ready to throw herself into the balls and laugh. There is also one side of his personality that is deeper, thoughtful, and fragile. He demonstrated this by thinking about his past relationships, betrayals and obstacles that he had to overcome in order to stay in place. "Mankanze," emphasizes Jane Alexander between tears, before reiterating that she did not speak about her current boyfriend. The wound, therefore, remains open, even if Pierluigi Gollini made her happy. First of all, because he is a good boy, as if he had fallen from heaven. But this does not prevent her from collapsing, sometimes thinking about her past. Click here to watch the video of Julia Farewell.

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