Tuesday , January 19 2021

“I’m alone and I’m afraid to have a baby”

Emma Brown, popular singer Salento and former talent show coach Maria De Filippi "Friends" returned to talk about not only the disappointing sales results recorded by her latest album, but about what was done during her recent interviews in the living room of Silvia Toffanin "Quite rightWhere the singer was the opsite episode on Saturday November 17th.

A very intense and fascinating interview with "Brown", caused by questions from the speaker, drew the sum of her life not only professional, but also sentimental, where family relationship it is primarily, but also the disclosure of his drama.

Emma Marrone moved to Verissimo,

Emma Marrone does not seem to be experiencing a particularly happy moment, so the distance from the family makes herself feel a lot, because as soon as we talked about our parents, they all went down singer's tearswhich showed: "For a while I did not see my mother and father. But we always feel that they are two fantastic parents."- he added, -"They always respected and supported me, never judged".

Difficult moment which seems to be connected not only with the distance from the family, but also to others:During this period, I am very sensitive, because I have made some difficult decisions to maintain my life and my work."- he added, -"musically i was following who i am today i am a woman of 35 years old and i didn’t want to sell lies to my audience".

Those who know her, know that for Emma many disappointments loving and now thinking that there is another person next to her is quite difficult, even if now she feels ready for new experiences:Maybe I'm ready. If a wonderful person came here, I’m waiting for him, but I would prefer to be alone with someone".

The desire for motherhood is increasingly felt for Emma, ​​even if thereThe idea of ​​having a baby scares:If this happened to me, I would not back down, but today I would be a little afraid to have a baby"- therefore he indicates that -"for not knowing feelings and this bottomless malice that I see around".

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