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Il Volo, emotions on stage for 10 years and data verification

In the magnificent setting of Matera, this evening three young tenors Il Volo they performed a unique concert, a special concert on Channel 5, to celebrate their 10-year career. So many emotions on stage for what was a real journey in their history: from debut to I leave you a songWhen they were three more children, to success in the United States, where they sang along with the stars that went down in the history of music.

Il Volo: 10 years together it's not just a concert, but also long interview that brings us back to the origins of the trio, on the stage of a talent show for young singers led by Antonella Cleric. It was there, for the first time, that three talented artists met and sang together. And from that moment they were no longer parted, like soul mates who finally found their missing parts. Il Volo has reached the goals that were today abroad reserve of very few artists caliber Andrea Bocelli.

In the early years of his nascent career, three tenors achieved success mainly outside of Italy. And only this bad consideration in Italy, at least until Sanremo 2015, three singers weigh not too little. During the concert, thanks to some videos that recreated the story of Il Volo in fact, from their stories we learned how difficult it was to digest this piece, despite the fame achieved in the United States and in many other parts of the world.

Finally, in 2015, their talent was also recognized in Italy when the trio won the 65th edition. San Remo Festival with a song Great love,

About their success in America, which clearly preceded that in our country, they said: “It was everyone’s dream, and we realized how diverse the audience was. We must thank them because they discovered us. But Italy gave us the greatest emotionssince then in Sanremo. We were mostly strangers here. ” Love for your homeland has always been very strong, a love that in 10 years it's even more alive than ever despite the many difficulties Piero Barone faced, Ignazio Boshetto and Gianluca Ginoble.

on Matera stageThree boys also recalled some special moments of their amazing career. For example, when in 2012 they invited no less than Barbra streisand as special guests on his tour Return to Brooklyn: The opportunity to sing with her was an absolutely unforgettable experience. And the same can be said about the time in Panama, where they addressed pope francis on World Youth Day.

What is there in their future? Of course, still a lot of music“We hope to do another 10-20 years like this,” they revealed, demonstrating a harmony that never faded between them.


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