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“I like them, I'm going to shake hands”

Sardines, mobilization continues from Rimini to Florence and Milan. Salvini: “I like them, I shake my hand”

There is no sign of the cessation of the Sardine movement, which, after Bologna and Modena, was also mobilized in Reggio Emilia with a flash mob called "Not Associated" scheduled for Saturday, despite the fact that Matteo Salvini is not scheduled to visit. In the city of Emil, the leader Carroccio already made a stop on November 9th. The appointment is scheduled for November 23 at 18:30 at Piazza Prampolini, opposite the Town Hall, in the heart of the historic center of Reggio Emilia. The event is organized by a group of ten people, including Stefano Salsi, a communicator by profession. “We felt a desire to take to the streets even in Reggio and bring our city back,” he told ANSA, “all this was something that was missing for some time. The goal is to be many, difficult as sardines and all with a smile. Salvini was already in Reggio and will not be there on Saturday? In a certain sense, this is in our favor, because it means that there is no strategy, but just a desire to be there. ” The appointment – as usual – was launched on Facebook and in a few hours reached thousands of shares.

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In the meantime, Sorrento on Thursday, November 21, will also be mobilized "Fravali", who call themselves "children of Bologna sardines" and organized the initiative "# SorrentoNonAbboccà. The meeting, which, of course, will be a protest, but will also have a clear goal:" Everyone is invited to choose a book and take it with them to symbolically donate it to the former minister. The book selected by the participants will also be physically transferred to Salvini "This is Fravagli, a dialectic term for shallow catches, which intends to show the disagreement of the Sorrento coast" with a podium organized by the mayor of Sorrento Giuseppe Cuomo for the political leader of the Northern League. "

A new event convened by the sardines in Emilia Romagna: scheduled for Sunday at 5 p.m. in Vecchia Pesqueria in Rimini. The event will take place at the same time as the League leader’s visit to the city, says Facebook’s convocation, “together with his shadow candidate, will open the League’s new headquarters in Rimini, transmitting a message that Romagna is already taken,” Event Name: “Rimini is not biting (incoming puffer fish). ” and Matteo Salvini, dares, almost almost: "I also go to the streets with them." "I like these guys, they give value and importance to my every presence. Next time I propose to go and greet them and thank them because they are of added value ”: this is how League leader Matteo Salvini answered the question about sardines on the sidelines of a press conference in Terni. “Participation,” he added, “is always wonderful, and if every time I visit him, something happens against him, this means that my presence will not go unnoticed.” I’ll go to the square to give him my hand, I can’t wait. ”

On Saturday, November 30, Matteo Salvini will be in Florence, in the Tuscany hall, at a dinner with a thousand fighters from Carroccio to officially launch the campaign in connection with the regional elections in the spring of 2020 in Tuscany. And as has already happened in Bologna and Modena, also in the Tuscan capital will be held "Sardinia" in the square with the slogan "Tuscany does not connect." From 18.30 to 19.30 the time of the event is indicated. However, the exact location of the event has not been chosen, and Piazza della Repubblica, in the historical center, is also assumed.

But after Bologna, this also applies to Genoa: vA meeting on Facebook with the Sardine di Genovà group, which in a few hours has already gathered 2445 participants and 8233 interested people. Mobilization in the city of Lantern will take place on November 28 next year in Piazza de Ferrari, in the heart of the Ligurian capital.

“No one can see the squares of the sardines of Modena, Bologna, these are unusual squares that indicate that the left represents in Italy. Whoever thought of destroying him or fighting the party could take over the political space, he did not understand anything. The soul of the left will always go out, in those squares all the people who have an alternative view of Italy compared to Salvini and the nationalists", Thus, the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomy Francesco Boccia lives in Agora on Rai3.

There is still no date, but even in Turin, lawsuits are underway to organize the spontaneous movement of the sardines, which, according to reports bouncing off social networks near Krot, should have already collected 24 thousand and 300 samples. In the meantime, on the page of one of the Turin administrators it says “Let's start from here!” With the logo of the Mole and the slogan “Turin unlocks, pronounced by a dozen sardines, accompanied by the words“ flash mob ”and“ given by the defininer ”.

In Milan, instead of local "sardines" take to the streets on December 1. This is the date of the official baptism of the Milanese sardines, which organize a protest demonstration: at 5 pm on the Duomo Square. On a Facebook page, Sardina Milano wonders if the underwater world remains. "The organizers say that the squares of Bologna and Modena say yes, they seem to say that there is common sense, once identifying the left who permeate and create society." A well-rooted collective consciousness that is not identifiable in the party or, rather, partially identifies itself in many parties that make up the motley and fragmented world of the left, which systematically and daily uses the progressive values ​​that are associated with the idea of ​​social justice, which is contained in our Constitution ” .

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