Friday , March 5 2021

Gym “Rebel” continues to work: the second fine in 2 days – Video

Personal trainer Paolo Derna upon arrival of the police (photo by Franco Silvi)

Pontedera’s GimFive continues to ignore the government’s closure order: numerous attendees attended training sessions.

PONTEDERA. Second day of protest. The second day of opening, despite the ban contained in the decree of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (DPSM). Another lightning strike by the police. Another fine. But GimFive won’t close. And the participants train peacefully. Today, Saturday, January 16, the gym on the border between Pontedera and Fornachette, in Tosco Romagnola, reopened its doors to fitness enthusiasts. From 8 to 20, as written on the sign at the bottom of the stairs leading to the room where weights and mechanisms are located. The Bologna brand, which has 12 gyms in Italy, three of which are in Tuscany, continues to fight against government measures to combat Covid. “We do not harm anyone. We just work, what the state has prevented us from doing for months. Who trains – explains Paolo Dierna, personal trainer and employee of GimFive of Pontedera – observes the rules of protection against infection, especially a safe distance from other people. “

Pontedera, Uprising Gymnasium (fined for the second day in a row): says the owner

Gyms must be closed. At least until March 5th. As the national rules for the fight against coronavirus state. But GimFive on Friday, January 15th, said enough. And he turned on the light again in the large glass room that contains the treadmills and other machines. A gesture that caught the attention of the police station, the municipal police and the carabinieri. And this entailed the first sanction: 400 euros and five days of closure until the decision of the prefect.

The day after the usual scenario. GimFive raised the shutter at 8 o’clock. And he worked until 20. In the morning the police returned and issued a fine number 2.

During the visit of the carabinieri, police and municipal police, several people were in the gym. “They cannot be sanctioned,” says Dirna, “because this is not a public place, but a private one and accessible only to those who are registered with us. We will take any action against us, convinced of our reasons and determined to move forward. Work is not a crime. We are not criminals. “

GimFive will be closed on Sunday 17th January. But only because the company’s calendar provides for it. Not one step back. The staff of the center are ready to leave tomorrow, when, in all likelihood, agents and soldiers will appear again. “We have ninety people working for us,” he says. Federico Milieni, the head of the company’s marketing department – and we no longer want to leave them at home. We respect the work of the police, but we are not going to give up. Need to work. At any cost”. –


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