Thursday , January 28 2021

Friends 18, Steve La Chance attacks teachers: "Really embarrassing"

Among the historical and most famous faces of the school Maria's friends De filippi There is, of course, Steve La Chance, a dance teacher who has been involved in broadcasting Channel 5 for years. However, for several years, Steve is no longer part friends and in these last hours he published a caustic message on social networks, addressing directly the professors of this eighteenth edition and sharply criticizing the choices they made regarding competitors who were eventually admitted to school [VIDEO],

Heavy attack by Steve on Amici 18

In detail, Steve posted on Facebook that current dance teachers Friends 18 how can they not be ashamed of the choice of competitors that they have made this year.

"Really embarrassing," was published by a former professor of dance in social networks.

Apparently, therefore, Steve did not appreciate the choice made by the three professors, and, in his opinion, the level of dancers admitted to the Maria De Filippi school would not be better.

Fasting, to say the least caustic, that Steve, who, of course, does not send him to say and that in the past criticized criticism against the transfer Maria de FilippiRegarding his farewell to the program, Steve said in an interview that he was fired without a good reason. At any time they would prefer to remove it from the air, and Steve claims that he did not receive a phone call from Maria De Filippi for an explanation.

Truth Steve La Chance on his farewell to Maria's Friends

At the same time, the dance instructor explained that during his recent releases he showed some suffering, because friends he increasingly turned into a reality show. The show, in fact, attached great importance to quarrels and subjects between students and professors, which took place, according to what Steve said, less and less time in the rehearsal room, taking into account evening rates.

Chance also said that she asked the producer of the transfer Maria De Filippi to explain [VIDEO] who simply told him that from now on he could take on other obligations. Despite all the differences, Amici continues, and this year marks the eighteenth birthday: the first episode, broadcast last Saturday, began with an average of more than three million viewers equal to a share that exceeded the threshold of 21%.

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