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Flu vaccine, anxiety: “Latex found in syringes”

Flu vaccine, latex in syringe components. Allergic subjects at risk, AIFA raises the alarm in Italy.

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The news is worrying about flu vaccines issued by the Italian drug agency (Aifa). Indeed, it would be the presence of latex in various components of prefilled syringes or nasal applicators of three flu vaccines allowed for the 2019-2020 season. Information about "extremely important for latex allergy sufferers who need a grafting coating, which in the presence of latex is also in traces – says AIFA – they will be at risk of allergic reactions".

Such patients should consult a doctor. Based on company declarations and the vaccine information brochure, information is available on the Aifa website for:further promoting the safe and proper use of seasonal influenza vaccines, even for those with a history of serious allergic reactions to latex".

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The flu vaccine, the presence of latex in the components of the syringe is present. Suspended sale requested

"We ask Aifu to immediately suspend the sale and introduction of vaccines containing latex / latex / natural rubber". This is what we read in a note issued by the Parent Movement, which emphasizes: “The risk of allergic reactions to latex is generally at risk for children who are highly recommended for vaccination coverage.".

"The notice published by Aifa only covers the packaging of influenza vaccines to protect people who are allergic to this substance.This is done in order to allow even allergy sufferers to receive adequate vaccination by informing them of latex-free products. Therefore, there is no contamination in influenza vaccines". Aifa indicates this after information published by the drug agency after inspections conducted with companies.

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