Sunday , February 23 2020


There is Mr. Church, who plays for Fiorentina, and a doctor who plays in the national team. In this regard, for those who still have doubts, and for those who did not do it live last night, I recommend going to the review of the fun game of Italy against Armenia. The game is in some ways exaggerated, since the game of Federico Chiesa has been exaggerated. The goal in the head, the first in blue, two gears, two forests and a lot of movement, but also sheer joy and a lot of calm, are a synthesis of the evening to remember. We again saw that Church, which we often admired in purple, and that recently we were stuck. It is obvious to everyone that it is thanks to the performance below his capabilities that the relationship between the player and the company is not idyllic, and even if Fiorentina continues to deny it, this becomes a real problem that needs to be solved.

I do not know if the Church is happy or not, do not ask me. Of course, he is nervous on the field, he doubts, he has a tendency to play more for himself than for the team, to point out errors, to protest, of course, unconsciously, he carries negativity with him. No one thinks that the performance of the Church in Fiorentina fell due to choice or lack of attachment, just a 22-year-old boy cannot be a robot, and everything that happened and is happening around his career, his future, his contract, of course, they do not give him such necessary peace of mind for any professional to do his job at best. This is a situation that cannot be dragged on, and it needs to be resolved simply because the Church is not just a player, but the best player in Fiorentina. Ribery is a different story. I express the concepts that I have already expressed recently, and I apologize, but after watching the game like last night, I should repeat them, because the goals and help of the Church saved Fiorentina last year and this year, perhaps a value capable of make this team grow during the construction process and lack. I say this because I am rebelling when I see that Church is treated like an ordinary player, and Church is treated like a special player. At least for Fiorentin. And if it’s true that the company must make its choice and show its contractual and practical strength, if the player’s influence is wrong, then it is equally true that Juventus can do this by putting Mandzukich on the side of the road so much that he has twenty more, otherwise, if your name is Fiorentina, and Chiesa is your only champion.

For heaven’s sake, Rocco has the right to develop his own strategies, and if he believes that the Church is not transferable, he is right when he follows his ideas, but in absolute terms he is not an honest football player and treats the Church as an ordinary player. I have already said that this becomes the position of the Tafaz people or, more rudely, reminds me of a famous guy who wanted to annoy his wife. I believe that managing the affairs of the Church was one of the few mistakes Kommisso has made to date, but it is clear that this is a mistake. If the new owner of Fiorentina arrived with the firm intention not to sell the church in order to enforce the contract, this is legal and in some respects acceptable, but he would have to explain his reasons and confront the father and boy of the Church. This would be the first thing for me as soon as I arrived in Florence, because Chiesa is the only international player inherited from the leadership of Della Valle and having a player, so it is almost imperative to follow a common route.

The wall against the wall or, even worse, the indifference that has been going on since June last year, brings the results that we see, an unconsciously concerned player, rarely deciding, slowly descending from a level of perfection to a level of normality. Rocco, on the other hand, had to call Enrico and openly tell him what was said publicly, about the indistinguishability, the history of the flag and everything else. And even if Enrico, it seems to me, would have emphasized his readiness to leave for career reasons, it would be logical to adopt a common strategy. Or a compromise. What? Such things, on the one hand, you will stay here for another year or two, I will double your salary, stretch the contract and then together choose a team for your future. Today it is still more difficult, five months of silence and lack of communication, with the exception of the Baron-Enrico meeting, which has always been refused, but I believe that this left a deep mark.

Also last night, Prade reiterated that there were no meetings with the prosecutor. But bringing the contract to maturity in 2022 would be economic (that would mean a loss of 70 million) and sports damage (can you imagine two and a half years between disputes like Montolivo?) And Fiorentina knows that. I understand that in any case, before Christmas, Enrico Chiesa will be called in and he will be given an extension until 2023-2024 with a salary doubled to more than three million euros. It may already be too late, but if Fiorentina gets a (probable) no, football logic will still require finding a buyer acceptable to the company, a joint path for the interests of both parties. If then Rocco has a hard line in his head, this is also legal, but no one complains if the Church makes less of his qualities. Players try their best when they are well physically, but also psychologically. And a guy who feels disappointed and curtailed in his sporting ambitions cannot be at the top. Again, someone can think freely: “The church should only think about the game, they will overpay it,” but that will not work. This is simplistic.

Along with this, there is a (possibly) tactical problem. The church, obviously, does the best from the outside, when it starts wide, it is centered and goes on fire. As a second striker in 3-5-2, he fought more and did it especially when Ribery was the only one on Fiorentina who spoke his technical language. Montella must work on this.

But last night, the victory of the national team was even angry to see Zaniolo. The first double in blue in twenty years with a crowded personality. Think of him and his church mates in purple. And think even harder that in the summer of three years ago, Corvino threw Zaniolo away, giving him a card. We have said this many times. You may be mistaken, but continuing to speak and boast is unacceptable. The underlined “B”, Zaniolo, Mancini and three years of gross errors and the lack of football in Florence are not enough for healthy self-criticism, a gesture of humility. Nothing. As if nothing had happened. And there are those who still give him golden shores and believe him. Even not too mysterious riddles of football. But I was not mistaken, I know my chickens too well. Five goals Cagliari reassembled the Steak Club, and if you go back to what happened in the last ten days, there is something shameful in this.

Speaking of the wrong market and non-football, many are returning to work around Fiorentina to get Castrovilli (Inter and Roma) or Milenkovic (Barcelona), such as when Fratellini and their court in Florence wonders when Viola was a supermarket.

Perhaps they have not yet understood that Rocco is not selling, but buying. At least they say so, and January is near …

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