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First diagnosed with pen pneumonia, a person who runs the risk of dying due to goose feathers

Another reason not to choose a duvet with real goose feathers. And yes, because what happened to this 43-year-old man has an incredible story: he was first diagnosed with doctorsfalse pneumonia”, Inflammation of the lungs caused by inhalation of dust from feathers that fill blankets and pillows.

It happened to Martin Taylor from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, non-smokerand this is his first case established by one study specialof feather duvet-light (Fdl) or lower respiratory tract infection due to pneumonia hypersensitivity and a weak immune response.

Turning to his doctor after an unexplained illness and fatigue for three months, Martin began a difficult test, up to extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. His symptoms quickly worsened to such an extent that he could only stand or walk for several minutes.

After investigating the possible presence of pets in the house and after blood tests showed no abnormalities, the man continued to suffocate seriously. Only after several tests and studies was it discovered that Martin had recently switched from synthetic to duvet.

Later tests showed that man developed unusually high antibodies against certain bird proteinsincluding pigeons and parrots. In addition, further scans presented a sample in the lungs, which suggested hypersensitive pneumonitis– a condition in which the lungs become highly inflamed due to the body's immune response to something inspired, while its lung function has been significantly impaired.

Only after removing this blanket did Martin Taylor show obvious improvements and was completely cured by a pharmacological cure.

Dr. Owen Dempsey, who was treating the patient, stated that it is not known how common FDL is because doctors rarely examine bedding.

"Health workers are usually taught to ask patients with respiratory symptoms if they have pets, such as birds. But, as our experience shows, the collection of stories does not usually extend to the question of showing feathers in duvets and pillows.".

In short, what seems indisputable is that it happens much more often than we think. If “feather pneumonia” is essentially an inflammatory reaction to goose or duck feathers found in pillows or duvets, it can be very common.

Decision? The “genuine” duvet, present in fluff, continues to be unacceptable from an ethical point of view, and now from the point of view of our health it is not amenable to protection.

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