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Fiat Panda, since the Mild Hybrid and other new cars will be unpublished

At present, officially, Fiat Panda will fail, will no longer be built and sold, but there will be a replacement that will become the Fiat Mild Hybrid with the new technology. The same technology will be predisposed to other new and unpublished cars that are at an advanced stage of implementation and that will try to satisfy many Fiat Panda fans, a true myth for many, many years.

Like those great champions who leave competitive activities when they are at the peak of their careers, even for the Fiat Panda version, a glorious car that went through decades, changing skin in some cases, but never the fascination that seduced hundreds of thousands of buyers, the same fate was determined.

The end of the diesel version of the car, produced by FCA, already Fiat, in fact, was now taken on September 1, on the day when, according to the version of Fiat Panda 1.3 Multijet, published by Automotive News Europe, it would be constantly archived. The model that will enter the market in its place is already known. This is a mild hybrid that would have overlooked too much of the retirement model, which was an era. Now finished. Let's see what this hybrid version of Fiat Panda will look like.

The end of the diesel version of the Fiat Panda

In short, it seems that the road between the Fiat Panda and the diesel engine will be divided. Indeed, the diesel version of the Panda in 2018 did not return to the Top 10 best-selling cars in Italy, even if it still dominates the market for cars operating as an alternative, while diesel engines continue to occupy top positions for this with another On the other hand, the Fiat 500X models even deserved the highest step on the catwalk. Following the Fiat Tipo, which wins the honorable fifth position and finishes 500L, the ninth.

And these data clearly influenced the decision to send the diesel version of the Fiat Panda to the attic. In short, the heart is not controlled, but the market is able to open even the most complex locks. And even the new European standards seem to have played a role in this decision. In addition, the decision to stop the use of diesel in a city car is part of a plan for June 1.

Here's how the new panda will be

This is what will be the new Panda, produced in Poland, according to what emerges from rumors in circulation these days, will be released by 2020. A new generation of Fiat Panda will actually come to this date, which will no longer mount the 1.3 MultiJet engine, but will provide space for soft hybrids with 48-volt systems. This is undoubtedly the most proven and cost-effective solution that guarantees, in addition to adequate performance, an even more affordable price.

And this is also what specifies what was very clear by the will of Marchionna, who in fact clearly announced during the last stage at the helm of a multinational car the end of the production of diesel cars for FCA by 2021. this would be the first step, accelerated by the new WLTP emission certificate, which, not by chance, entered into force on 1 September.

45 billion investment, 28 new cars, 9 electric

The crucial variable is then represented by progressive gaining market share by electric cars and by phasing out diesel-powered cars. And for a brand like Fiat, this is a landmark transition that needs to be managed with due care, precisely because of its targeted customers. The era of diesel with a diesel engine is coming to a close. Among the most polluting vehicles in this category are diesel engines without a particulate filter and with poor maintenance. To reduce environmental risks, restrictions on nitrogen dioxide emissions were introduced, established in Europe at 168 mg / km for new models in circulation. But the prevailing tendency is now to permanently postpone them. Not immediately, but the route is traced.

New Fiat 500

The time for the release of the updated Fiat 500X has been shortened, which is one of the most anticipated cars in the coming months. Images leaked on the Internet (voluntarily or unimportantly, irrelevant) give an idea of ​​the path of modernity, followed by the Italian brand. After all, already four years since the present generation enters the market, and in such fast and timeless times as the present, it is inevitable that every small change immediately catches the eye. It's about photos, not about rendering, mind you, so we are at the limit of the official. However, it is reasonable to believe that the changes can be much larger, especially in the interior, because now there are no changes in pace compared to what has been until now. In any case, the times seem much shorter before you can see the final version up.

Rumors on the eve of the report that under the hood of the Fiat 500X should be a place for the new 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder turbo engines FireFly, which were open with Fiat Renegade or 120 hp 1.0 and 150 or 180 hp 1.3. 1.6 and 120 hp will also be updated on the track. 1.6 and 140 or 170 hp, well equipped with a new turbocharger filter and anti-NOx, which works thanks to the injection of urea-based fluid AdBlue. And all this when discussing the new Fiat 500 Giardiniera with carelessness, designed to make the Italian workers happy, because production can take place in Italy, perhaps at the Fiat Chrysler plant in Mirafiori. This is a fundamental step, remembering how Fiat Punto is now available, and its place, therefore, can be taken finally by various models of the 500 range.

There is a clear reason why Fiat decided to introduce a new special series Spiaggina # 58 based on the Fiat 500C and is the birthday of 500, 60 years after the implementation of the first model of the same Spiaggina. The Turin brand decided to pay tribute to its first gig with a special edition. But it will not be for everyone, since it will be produced only in 1958 copies. Also in this case, the number was not chosen by luck, but, as is easy to understand, it is a tribute to the year of birth of the very first model. Then we are in front of a vintage blue 500C Volare (another tribute to the badge of the time, Domenico Modugno), with a beige hood, 16-inch wheels, chrome-plated mirror caps on the exterior. Two-tone gray and ivory interiors and a dashboard of the same color of the outer hull show off on board.

Already available at Fiat showrooms, Fiat 500 Spiaggina version & # 39; 58 is available. Signed by Garage Italia Custom by Lapo Elkann, it can only be purchased by reservation. The cabriolet is offered with a 69 hp gasoline engine. 1.2, which corresponds to the new Euro6D approval, the price is € 21,350, "turnkey".

And the first hybrid jeep

Fca is trying to make this crucial leap in quality in a market that is being redefined. And it does this primarily with the official announcement of the production method of the hybrid electric car Jeep Renegade Plug-in, which is considered an intermediate link between the gasoline engine and electric vehicles. To push the hybrid Jeep Renegade, he will think that the internal combustion engine, already produced at the FCA plant in Melfi, is part of a project that, between 2022, will build 12 different powertrains for 30 vehicles. This is undoubtedly an important transition for Italy and the industrial future of the automotive industry.

The FCA strategy is becoming increasingly apparent due to the production of its PHEV, plug-ins of an electric hybrid car or the progressive electrification of its commercial offer. In this complex mosaic of global rethinking of the proposal, in which other producers participate, is part of Renegade Phev, which begins after the launch of Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Phev and the hybrid e-Torque technology released on Ram 1500 at the beginning of the year,

Undoubtedly, this is the beginning of large maneuvers at the FCA Melfi factory, also because times are rather limited. The launch of the Jeep Renegade hybrid electric car in the automotive market is actually scheduled for the first half of 2020. Thus, a little more than a year to mass production of the car and make it affordable for buyers. There are rumors of a maximum investment of more than 200 million euros. Obviously, it is necessary to take into account the need to train employees of this new technology, reorganize work and revise the same internal structure of the plant.

As evidence of the activity of these weeks are the words of Pietro Gorlier, responsible for the European activities of the FCA. The more than 742,000 renegades that have been produced in Italy since its launch today make the Melfi plant a strategic place – it is important to keep this in mind, and Renegade is the ideal product to launch the Phev version. The goal is not hidden at all and provides for strengthening the supply of this car, which has already won a piece of the market. Roadmap to the hand and going beyond the hybrid Renegade jeep, the will offers for four years 12 electric power plants with 30 models to be placed on the market

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