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Ezio Greggio: “My father Nereo is three years in a concentration camp. I deny citizenship to those who deny this Segre ”

That must have been good news. "Mayor of Biella Claudio Corradino and his junta will hand over the presidential honorary citizenship on Saturday November 23 Ezio Greggio". And it doesn't really matter that Cossato, the country where the conductor Strip news born April 7, 1954, at that time was the province of Vercelli. The pleasant thing was the reasons that deserved it: “For the popularity of television as a conductor, journalist, actor and director; for his continued commitment to the association for premature babies; for his contribution to the distribution of the name Biella in Italy and around the world. ” Less well that a week ago the senator was denied the same citizenship. Liliana Segrebecause they judged "instrumental". “Nothing against Senator Segre,” explained Alessio Ercoli, leader of the League, the mayor’s own party, “the proposal presented to me was humiliating for him. Biella does this only on a pointless wave of consensus. ”

Greggio's Choice

Immediately there was a case to which Ezio Greggio decided to answer, refusing recognition and distancing himself from contradictions that could not have been more alien to personal and family history. “My respect for Senator Liliana Segre, for everything that she represents, for history, memories and the value of memory, is pushing me to take a step back and is not able to accept this honor that the Bella municipality thought of me,” he said last night. Adding that “this is not a choice against anyone, but a choice in favor of someone, as well as for the sake of consistency and respect for my values, the history of my family and my father, who spent several years in concentration camps.”

Father's story

dad StereoHe died in January 2018 at the age of 95, has always been an engine and a beacon in the life of a conductor, actor and director. Once he said about him: “Soldier in greece During World War II, he refused to return to Italy to fight the partisans, among whom were his relatives. And he was interned over three years in a concentration camp in Germany". He said that he had a cinematic life, especially in his youth, and that he learned everything from him, even irony, because humor accompanied him until the last day. Conductor greets his father at the end of each episode band calling him "Nereus". And only after some time he explained to the audience who the Nereo was, to whom he owed his middle name: he was his father.

Parent lesson

Naturally, the blow and the answer between the left and right centers flew over Greggio's head, who, being in the center of a surreal dispute, wanted to immediately distance himself, having drawn up, but a definite declaration. Because the idea that Liliana Segre was denied citizenship should have been “unbelievable” for him, and not only for the Deputy Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina (“5 stars” movement), which, however, put the actor in the center: “Incredible ", Mayor of Biella denies citizenship to Liliana Segre, who survived the Holocaust, but does not hesitate to give her Elio Greggio with great fanfare and a bleak statement on the official website. Without taking anything from him, it is difficult to understand why he does this, but Segre does not. A sense of institutions would impose a different choice. "
Now it’s hard to find a positive side to try to stifle the joke that Greggo makes every day in front of millions of viewers in the name of his father, from whom he inherited the “gift of joke”. This did not become a banking business, as Papa Nereo, the director of the textile company, and his mother, Luciana, who worked with him, wanted it. But he did not forget their history lesson.

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