Tuesday , January 26 2021

Cliff Blazinsky says enough: I will never play video games again

It looks like a great adventure. Cliff Bleschinki (again) come to a conclusion. Father Gears of war He was already thinking about retirement for the first time, after parting with Epic Games, but some time ago he devoted himself to body and soul of Boss Key Productions, for the project offendersThe project, which, as you know, is now shipwrecked, bringing even a farewell to the newly created team.

Cliff B's ​​biting words

In the last hours, the author discussed Twitter when a fan asked if there were any planned refunds for players who supported LawBreakers.

Blesinsky rock

Blazinsky explained that:

I paid my developers $ 410,000, in addition to the average insurance, even a few months after the study was closed, so that they could take care of their families. I did not receive a salary for two years. I understand that you are sad [per LawBreakers]but, god, it's me * yes – another reason why he will NEVER make another video game.

If, firstly, his words could seem a rash, colleagues from GamesIndustry.biz Then they collected a dry confirmation. To their microphones, Bleschinka simply stated:I finished with video games. "

There is more: on his account the author also shared his image, which says a lot about what you think about working in the video game industry. In fact, we read:give the game to the man and spend the rest of the day. Teach a person to make a game and you will no longer play it for the rest of your life.".

Love and hate?

In recent months, we have seen Cliff Blesinka, who has a difficult position to say goodbye to LawBreakers, but not close to retirement. At first, the author made fun of him on social networks, saying that he sang a victory too early to return to the track; then he said that writing an autobiography helped him a lot to close this unfortunate chapter in his life.

Now, instead, we come to the ad of farewell. Will there be a place for a new change in the idea of ​​Bleshkinsky or will the gaming industry do without its creativity and talent?

Sources: Twitter, GamesIndustry.biz

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