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Assassin & # 39; s Creed Ragnarok on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, new information stolen

New information stolen on Assassin & # 39; s Creed Ragnarokwhat should be the new chapter of the Ubisoft saga, which will be released in 2020 also SS5 and Xbox Scarlett, The first concerns the name. Previous rumors wanted a game called Assassin & # 39; s Creed Kingdoms, but the final title seems to be the decidedly more eloquent Assassin & # 39; s Creed Ragnarok, which also emphasizes northern conditions even more strongly.

Other information confirms the release in the fall of 2020 as a name for several generations, namely: PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Imagine that he will also go to Google Stadia, given the presence of Odyssey on the platform, but let's see. Assassin & # 39; s Creed Ragnarok will be presented duringPS5 event set for February (recording also reported by Imran Khan of Kinda Funny). It will be installed in the Viking era, in 800 AD, with a map that will include Scandinavia and parts of England. The protagonist, male or female, will be called Zhora and will become a killer during the adventure. The Brotherhood system will return with the option of hiring non-player characters. You can still use ships and boats for travel, but there will be less sea battle than the Odyssey or the Black Flag. Essentially, the game will focus on revenge. During the mission, you will be able to visit the kingdoms of Asgard and Jottunheim, while deities such as Odin and Loki will play an important role in history, like Yggdrassil.

Assassin & # 39; s Creed Ragnarok will also have sections in the present, but in the style of Origins and Odyssey (so no twists in the style of the first chapters). In general, the gameplay will be similar to the Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey gameplay, with some improvements, but also with more role-playing mechanics.

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