Friday , March 5 2021

Among the five stars, the line against Renzi is staggering. “Three Governments in Three Years Like the District of Columbia: This is How We Explode” –

ROME – Compact Giuseppe Conte reiterating the “impossibility of any rapprochement with Matteo Renzi.”

Late at night at home Five Stars it appears official line… Long reunion of the eternal regent Vito Crimi, head of delegation Alfonso Bonafede and the directors of the House and Senate take the same position: the prime minister does not touch the Italian leader alive. And Luigi Di Maio who works with the Ministers of the Movement, stresses the importance of “defining a path of stability for the country together with President Conte”. The minister says he is against it, like the entire Five Star team, “to compromise on low cuisine” and, finally, sends an appeal “to all European producers in parliament”.

Here, if it’s a scene filtered by top, members report in the reality of jaded movement because of the crisis that worries the parliamentary troops.

The climate is hot and this can be understood during the day when agencies start sending out the following messages: “Panic in M5S, there are no numbers, and there are those who ask for an end to the veto on Renzi”

Chats of deputies and senators have already exploded. The worry is that the most tender messages look like this: “Better Mastella or Renzi?”“There are no leaders here,” echoes one important executive.

So in the hottest hours of the day There are those who again advocate a return to dialogue with Renzi… And at the same time calls for the resignation of the prime minister put in place of the government count ter.

And again, in the world of five stars, there are even those who very much hope that the “public defender” will not touch the team and will not appoint proxies for “Agriculture and Equal Opportunities”. Cause? “So, the current ministers are leaving their favorite seats,” the angry deputy complains to the top leadership. The reason is that the directors of the House and Senate report in detail at the meeting with Crimi and Bonafede. And where would one of the participants put forward the following thesis: “We must defend Conte, not the whole package.” And also: “Be careful to close the door in front of Renzi, we will never have to sit with him at the table again.”

On the other side of the field, Crimi and Bonafede to ask those present: “How can we trust someone like Renzi, who recalled ministers in the midst of a pandemic, effectively opening up a crisis?” Translated? Parliamentarian’s response: “It is clear that we are about to explode. We became the third leader in three years. We equaled DC “

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