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A vegetarian sues Burger King because his fake meat is cooked with real

In the US, the vegan offered a group action against Burger King to clearly indicate that his Impossible Chicken (made with fake meat) is cooked on the same grill as traditional hamburgers

The Impossible Wortper Sandwich sold by Burger King in the USA (photo: Getty Images)

vegan customer sued Burger King finding that hamburgers fake meat (meatball, which is similar to meat, but made from vegetable proteins) from Impossible Wopper sandwiches is prepared for the same grids traditional meat burgers.

Philip Williams, this is the name of the prosecutor, filed a lawsuit in Florida offering one group action on behalf of the unfortunate vegans on the choice of Burger King, referring to numerous complaints about pollution that appeared on social networks.

Williams, who, like many vegan or vegetarian diets, doesn’t eat foods that come in contact with animal products, said he ordered Impossible to Whopper in August in Atlanta, the month the fast food chain launched the product, touting it as 100% Whopper, 0% Meat (Whopper is a traditional Burger King burger.)

Only after he discovered that vegetable protein burger it was cooked on the grill commonly used for hamburgers. If he knew, he explains, he would not order a sandwich, paying the set price the prize for a burger soaked in meat juices and fats. Williams' request is that be clearly marked that Impossible Whopper is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians because of their preparation – they also contain mayonnaise, but this is clearly indicated.

Impossible Whopper contains a vegetable protein burger (photo: Getty Images)

Burger King, who was contacted by US media, declined to comment. On his website, on the page dedicated to the Impossible Wopper, the note simply states that "for guests looking for an option without meat, this available upon request a drug that does not use a grid". A product that Impossible Foods (a burger company says) must be cooked in a microwave.

also in italywhere a colleague just started Rebel (which we tried), on social networks there were numerous complaints about the news that vegetable burgers were cooked using the grill and tools used for meat snacks. But Burger King Italia sought to point out that the new sandwiches are not necessarily for vegans and vegetarians, as for omnivores who are lookingalternative to meat,

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