Friday , March 5 2021

A letter for you, Mrs. Sarina is losing her prostheses while talking. Maria de Filippi reacts this way

his last news. You’ve got mail, the guest loses dentures while talking. Maria de Philippi thus reacts. Tonight’s Canale 5 is a program hosted by Maria De Filippi. Among the stories is the story of Mr. Stefano in search of an old fire, known 70 years ago. As usual, in these cases, the production calls several ladies to find the right one.

Among the women in the studio is a lovely girl Sarina, who is interrogated by Maria. “Have you ever met this mustachioed man?“. The woman cannot hear, but when she is about to ask for an explanation, she loses her dentures. After the first moment of disbelief, fun flares up in the studio.

Maria de Filippi continues the interview with a laugh. The video posted by Trash Italiano on social media is circulating around the net.

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