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3 Internet from home: standard offers with unlimited Giga continue until January 6, 2020 – | Telephony | offers

operator 3 Italy I decided keep offering again, even in november 2019 his standard offers for fence to leave from 25,99 euros per month, which also includes the ability to activate Unlimited gigabyte on your sim cards 3.

everything 3 standard offers of Italyincluding fencewere extended without news until January 6, 2020, excluding any changes.

Standard offer 3 fixed network provides the Internet no restrictions on ADSL, FTTC mixed copper fiber (also NGA bitstream) or FTTH fiber optic cable (via fiber optic cable) up to 1000 Mega, consumption calls, modem for sale in conjunction with 5.99 euro per month for 48 months Unlimited gigabyte up to three SIM 3 starting from 25,99 euro per month Offer in ADSL up to 7 Mega, Internet7instead costs 27.99 euros per month.

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In this case call charged according to consumption of 0 euro cents per minute with one connection fee 23 euro cent to all national landline and mobile numbers and landline numbers in Western Europe, the USA and Canada.

Therefore, at the cost of modem fees, the monthly fee for a standard offer will be equal to 31.98 euro per month for 48 months, while when adding unlimited calls with the option "Unlimited voice" at 5 euros per month, the fee increases to 36.98 euros per month.

Three Super Fibers Online

Instead, thanks to the current online promotion (here is the direct link) available at 23:59 of November 19, 2019if not renewed, the offer fee is 26.98 euro per month, ed. includes both the cost of modem payments and the cost of unlimited calls,

Therefore, in this case calls are not limited at no additional cost to all national fixed and mobile numbers, as well as fixed numbers in Western Europe, the USA and Canada.

The same promotion may also be offered in 3Store The participants again by November 19, 2019, in which case the retailer will simply have to enter the code "Promoweb",

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Remember that in all cases, to find out who is calling, you must add a service Invista due to 2 euro plus monthly VAT included.

modem included in the combined sale speed (5.99 euros each) and provides 48 month bond; in case of early exit from a fixed network of offers, 3 is expected payment of remaining contributions only (final payment is not provided). May 13, 2019 You can also pay by installment 24 monthly installments of 11.98 euros,

For ADSL and FTTC finished stocks D-Link DVA-5592, you can only collect a new unique modem in the store or send it home Home and Life Hub (Zyxel VMG8825-B); From January 10, 2019, a unique FTTH fiber-optic modem is delivered exclusively to the home when installing the line.

Modem Wind Tre

Please note that in accordance with AGCOM Resolution on free modemThe offer is also available online and in stores. no modem included named 3Absolute, Offer available in ADSL, FTTC Copper Mixed Fiber (up to 100 and 200 Mega) and from March 18, 2019, also in FTTH fiber through free delivery SFP Form,

May 13, 2019 was also officially introduced in the store Wind Tre fixed network activation fee from 120 euroswhich will be paid in installments 24 monthly payments of 5 euros each, With online promo no monthly fees if the offer remains active for not less than 24 monthswhile in case of early withdrawal, the remaining contributions will be paid,

So, for example, if you had to withdraw funds within the thirteenth month, you would have to pay the remaining 11 installments of 5 euros for a total of 55 euros. it new departure cost in case of early withdrawal, which is added to what is associated with the modem in the combined sale.

If activated in ADSL, the service is enabled Fiber pass, which allows you to activate the ADSL offer with a guarantee of 3 possibilities to switch to the connection in FTTC Mixed Copper Fiber or FTTH Fiber at no additional cost, Please note that in the case of a transition to a higher technology (for example, Fiber FTTH), if it is necessary to replace the supplied modem, the previous batch will be closed without paying the remaining payments, and the corresponding modem model will be received with activation. new installment payment.

Payment can be made through Credit cardwith charge Bank / Postal Current Account or Newsletter, In the latter case, a security deposit of EUR 60 must be paid, which will be returned in the last invoice to compensate the total amount.

Updates occur every calendar month, while each is currently billed 2 months: From January 12, 2020, an invoice will be issued monthly,

The cost of sending invoices via the website or email is free if you choose sending paperit has a cost 2 euros for each account sentIf you disconnect call details tied to a telephone bill, the cost of which 60 euro cents per shipmentThere will be no additional additional fixed costs.

Giga Unlimited Chiellini

As expected, mobile component fixed network offer 3 provides for the possibility of obtaining Unlimited gigabyte up to 3 SIM cards (from September 24, 2018) with the same registry fixed agreement with the plan All Inclusive / FREE if the new client is 3, but for already mobile clients on SIM with active prepaid package offer subject to incompatibility,

You can also activate additional SIM cards with an offer called All-in super powerwhich, if activated in convergence It includes unlimited minutes, SMS and concert by price at a discount and blocked 7.99 euros per month instead of 14.99 euros. Discounted price is related to home contract and will remain in effect as long as the fixed line remains active, otherwise it returns to 14.99 euros from 100 Gigabytes instead of unlimited.

Remember this with Tre 4G LTE Option this is included for an indefinite period only for new customers (private or professional) from April 1, 2019, excluding any changes. For existing customers, the cost is 1 euro per month.

Offers indefinite time All telephone operators can be changed by the same operator, as required by the rules of the Electronic Communications Code.


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