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Synagogue L.A. tainted by anti-Zionist message – diaspora

Jewish bale

A member of the Jewish community wears a bale.
(photo courtesy of REUTERS)

Jewish residents of Fairfax County in Los Angeles, California, were surprised on Wednesday morning to find that their local Baba Sale community was spoiled by a message that reads “Free Palestine.”

Rabbi Yona from the tent Pico Shul Shabbat said on Twitter that vandalism occurred around 5:20 in the morning.
“It seems that the criminals waited for the congregation to enter, and then sprayed graffiti so that when they went out, they saw it …”

He added in his tweets that “This is not the first synagogue spoiled by Free Palestine, a better way to say“ Kill the Jews. ” And not the first in Los Angeles – we had several other spoiled this year. ”

By noon Wednesday graffiti was painted in ov.

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