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Significant changes in Wrestlmania’s match with Ronda Rosie and Becky Lynch

On Row, Becky Lynch and Rhonda Rosie proved that they are ready to bear the hostility of Wrestlemania. However, as reported, WWE is still planning to add Charlotte Fleur to this story.

In one of the episodes of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that from Monday, WWE would throw Flair into a fight, having a three-point battle match at Mania. It is best to remember that plans may change, but now this is the direction WWE is looking at.

Adding Flair will not be a surprise. WWE has been telling a double story since the Survivor Series, when Flair sent bananas to Rosie after his match. This fierce flash made Rus look for revenge on the top of her already hot-tempered Lynch story. With a prepared base for Rauzi vs Lynch and Rauzi vs Flair, this triple threat can be sealed, especially considering the added element of the Four Horsewomen.

There is a WWE fan base, which will be categorically against Flair’s participation, as they think that Rousay and Lynch are the only match to be held. While there is undoubtedly unquestionable electricity between these two, Charlotte Flair is perhaps the greatest female superstar of all time, and WWE is probably not very interested in letting her do this.

This is certainly a situation to watch out for, but Flair will most likely have to wait until the Liquidation Chamber or the FastLane show up in the match. WWE used these pay-per-view boards as a WrestleMania qualifying match before, and Flair, who earned her opportunity for a major victory, is not so hard to imagine.

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