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PUBG coming soon for free in Europe « PUBG Lite

Starting October 10, Playerunknown's battlegrounds will be available in the lite version as Free2Play in Europe. This is a smaller version that previously went through a trial run in Thailand.

In January, we announced a free version of PUBG available in Thailand, which even has its own development team. PUBG Lite comes with reduced graphics, so it should work, for example, on laptops with integrated graphics. The beta test in Thailand was successful, so PUBG Lite will be available in 52 countries (not USA and not Netherlands) will be available.

Decrease in the number of players responsible for distribution in Europe?

Starting October 10, PUBG Lite will play in Germany, the UK, France and many other countries. Among other things, they are trying to counteract the decreasing trend in the number of players in Battle Royales. With the free version, purchased options also get into the game: for PUBG Lite there is a Lite Pass that offers in-game rewards and missions. Three versions of Standard, Premium and Premium Plus each promise more production.

The developers promise the same gaming experience as in the paid version. There are limitations in schedule, map selection and team size. You can play only on the Erangel card, and you can compete only in units against each other.

Will you test PUBG Lite?

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