Saturday , January 16 2021

Netflix angered Jordanians, portraying Amman as Tel Aviv

The new Netflix series, which is currently being filmed in Amman, provoked anger in Jordan after it was discovered that the Jordanian capital was being used as a stand in Tel Aviv, where the show is set.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, the American streaming company decided to withdraw the project in Amman due to budget constraints. It is reported that the production is removed in about 50 different places in the capital of Jordan.

Photos from the set, posted on social networks, show vehicles with Israeli license plates and Hebrew street signs.

Footage from Netflix shooting in Amman

Footage from Netflix shooting in Amman

A reporter from Al-Akhbar asked the production company if she could take part in the filming, but it was clear to her that the nature of the show "may be unacceptable for everyone."

When the journalist asked the producers to elaborate on this issue, she was told that not only Amman’s places should imitate Tel Aviv, but that “in some cases it may be necessary for the actors to wear IDF uniform”.

The newspaper noted that local production is handled by Jordanian company Desert Motion Pictures.

The news caused a storm among Jordanians on social networks, some of whom wondered why the question did not receive wider coverage in the Jordanian media.

“They occupy not only our lands, but also our minds. Why no one talks about this? ”One user asked.

Israeli license plates on cars in Jordan on the show Netflix (צילום: סרט נטפליקס עומאן רחוב אלרואי)

The support and anti-normalization team sent a letter to the Jordanian film department responsible for authorizing the production of films throughout the country, asking for explanations on this issue.

“Netflix is ​​filming in Amman, introducing him in Tel Aviv. From the investigation we conducted, the producers demand that those who are interested in joining the cast should wear the IDF uniform, ”the organization said in a letter.

The organization also demanded to know why the Israeli film crew received permission to enter the archaeological site of Peter and Wadi Rum desert.

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