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Julia Louis-Dreyfus screaming, thank you Jerry Seinfeld – Forward

Sing, goddess, the genius of the daughter of Gerard Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Brilliant, beautiful, this raven, a brilliant genius
This knocked Emmy after an Emmy, SAG rewards are dropping like rain
Just and misty Washington, DC

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has more Emmy awards for performances than the days this week, was justly awarded one of the highest awards in her field: the Kennedy Mark Twain Award for American humor. On the night Louis-Dreyfus was called “exhausting,” she was greeted by a roster of great comedies — Keegan-Michael Clu, Kumail Nanyani, Brian Cranston, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and for some reason Jack Johnson.

Louis-Dreyfus, having accepted her award, thanked them all, but retained the warmest praise for Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld. “You are a comedic genius, whom I admire above all people,” she told Fay, her eyes shining. “Tina was honored with the Mark Twain Award before they became serious about who they give these things to,” she added.

Earlier in the evening, Seinfeld was surprised that Louis-Dreyfus had "one of the brightest and most entertaining showbiz of all time." Later that night, Louis-Dreyfus anxiously responded to Seinfeld: “I learned a lot from Jer over the years – mainly the importance of hard work. Jerry killed himself to Seinfeld OK. He and Larry David worked so hard, it is really impossible to describe. And they didn't just do it to make the show successful, because once it was successful, they worked harder. And I hope it went a little bit on me.

Between the performance of a really fun, almost incredible performance of Shakespeare's monologue, Louis-Dreyfus began to cry again, talking about the diagnosis of breast cancer a few hours after the victory over the Emmy Award. “Laughter is a basic human need, as well as love and food and a subscription to HBO,” she said, smiling through tears. "The fact that I had the opportunity to make people laugh for the sake of life is one of the many blessings I received in my life."

What is funny because Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the many blessings we are in received in our life.

Smeared, Julia! Thanks for you!

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