Tuesday , January 19 2021

Farrakhan denies that he loved the Jews with "termites" – then again insults the Jews

Nation leader Islam Louis Farrakhana speaks at a meeting at the Maryam Mosque in Chicago on November 18, 2018. (Screen capture: NOI)

(CNSNews.com) – The Islamist leader Louis Farrakhan’s Nation repeated its provocative recent statements on Sunday that they were “antitermites”, suggesting that the contradiction was fabricated because “I never used the term“ Jew ”and disputed that the "Ashkenazi" Jews were generally Semites.

The real “Semites,” he said in an incoherent appeal to followers in Chicago on Sunday, were Palestinians, whose “birthright” was stolen by those who “flew out of Europe.”

Last month, Farrakhan posted a video on his Facebook account of a performance in Detroit, in which he made comments that caused a storm.

“For members of the Jewish community who I don’t like, thank you very much for saying my name all over the planet, because of your fear of what we represent, I can go anywhere in the world and they heard about Farrakhan – he said in this speech.

“I'm not mad at you because you're so stupid,” he continued. “Therefore, when they talk about Farrakhan, call me a hater – you know what they are doing, call me an anti-Semite. Stop it! I am antitermite!

Farrakhan said in Chicago on Thursday that the reason Twitter didn’t make a video of these comments, as Facebook did, citing violations of the rules, was "because Twitter leaders really saw my statement."

“I have never used the term“ Jew, ”by no means – never,” he said. “I said:“ They call me an anti-Semite. ” I said, "No, I am anti-termite."

Farrakhan said that people interpreted his comments – what he called the termite Jews – made some of his followers stumble.

Although he claimed that he did not liken Jews to termites, he also said: “If I said that, you should have said:“ Damn it ”. This comment provoked enthusiastic applause.

Then the speech went to another territory before Farrakhan returned to this issue and tried to distinguish between the “Semites” and those whom he described as violators who moved from Europe to Israel.

“You are not a native Palestine, and you are not,” he said. “You did not arise there. But if you did it, you are real Semitic people, ”he said. “But Ashkenazi, European, has no connection with the Holy Land. No one!"

"So, in disassembly, prove to us that you are seven!"

“The Palestinian people are people of Semitic origin who have been in Palestine for thousands of years,” said Farrakhan. "But this is what came out of Europe, having stolen the birthright of Semitic Jews, Semitic Arabs."

“So,” he asked, “where is the real anti-Semite?”

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