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Paddy's weekend

It is a world champion on the 15th of March.

If you’re looking for the IBF World Cup champion.

Fears of fighting for the third time.

It has been a scapegoat that has "never been tested".

"I’ve always been the underdog,"

He hasn’t been a man to beat me.

"Mark my words, on March 15th, I’m going to take Tevin Farmer’s belt."

He wondered when he was a fan of the world and won’t take it. title eliminator.

"I’m going to beat his ass. I’m going to beat his cousin,"

Carling and Farmer have been preserved in recent months.

But it is true that it was synonymous with boxing.

"This is where I’m going to win in my family."

It was a tour of the WBO lightweight champion.

"I can’t wait until I’ve been able to make sure that I’ve been able to make it again,”

Ireland 2012 John the Joe Nevin

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