Tuesday , January 26 2021

Irish weather forecast: Met Eireann showed that the temperature the next day will fall below zero

Ireland seems to be hit by another cold spell, as the temperature drops below zero in some parts of the country.

After a relatively mild November weekend, there are signs that good weather will not continue, as forecasters say that the temperature is expected to drop sharply in the middle of next week.

On Saturday, meteorological expert Alan O & # 39; Reilly from Carlow Weather warned that we would see "a strong biting east wind" that would bring cold air from Eastern Europe.

The coldest weather is expected on Wednesday, where the temperature will fall below 0 ° C during the night.

Monday and Tuesday look relatively settled, although in the eastern regions, especially near the coast, there will be "more frequent downpours or longer periods of rain."

Botanical Gardens, Dublin

Common scenes, like frost, remain in the botanical gardens, yesterday in Dublin

The temperature at the beginning of the week will be about average, with maxima around 8C.

This will change on Wednesday, especially overnight, when the temperature drops below zero, and on Thursday, bitter cold conditions will remain.

Met Eireann's forecast says: “On Wednesday, another temperature decrease is expected, and it is expected that on Wednesday night the temperature will be below zero.

"During the day there will be showers with longer periods of rain, probably for the east and northeast of the country, and it is expected that the showers will at times turn into mountain hills and mountains."

Frost in the Botanical Garden, Dublin

"On Thursday, current readings show that rainfall will move west and south, but low temperatures and east winds persist."

The national predictor also expects cold conditions to remain throughout the week, although there may be some way out of the freezing temperature.

The forecast for the next weekend reads: "A further forecast for the weekend keeps the cold, but perhaps not quite the same cold, weather pattern with eastern winds and heavy rains at times."

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