Wednesday , January 27 2021

Ireland Weather Today: Met Eireann Predicts Day Ice Conditions Will Return As Expert Identifies Snow Threat

Snow clouds that currently cover parts of the UK may reach our shores next week, according to a local forecaster.

Alan O’Reilly, chief executive of Carlow Weather, pointed to the possibility that snow could arrive in the east of the country next week, with “great uncertainty” about whether the cold snap could resume in Ireland.

And Met Eireann predicted the return of “very cold” conditions from the middle of next week, when the ground will be freezing and possibly even ice.

The national forecaster says there will be a freezing night ahead in the near future, with temperatures dropping to minus two degrees tonight.

The national forecaster warned in his latest forecast that despite the sharp jump in temperatures this week, “ice patches” will appear overnight.

09/01/2021 – Photographs of members of the public, withstanding ice conditions in Dublin, go for a walk in Dollymount Wood. (Photo: Leah Farrell /

This will happen in the afternoon with relatively warm weather conditions, with temperatures rising from seven to nine degrees in the afternoon.

On weekends, the weather will be milder, with temperatures rarely falling below six degrees.

But next week may be a different story, says Met Eireann.

The forecast for next week says: “Wednesday and Thursday will be very cold, with sunny times, occasionally with winter showers and severe frost at night.”

The forecast for the weekend is as follows:


“Friday morning will be cold and dry, frost and fog will gradually dissipate.

“There will be solar periods, but during the day the clouds will increase.

“The rain will develop in the west in the late afternoon and spread to the east during the evening. The highest daily temperatures range from 4 to 8 degrees with refreshing southerly winds. “

Friday evening

“Friday night will be wet and crisp and rain will spread east across the country and become widespread.

“There will be heavy rain at times. By morning it will rain in most places, with clearings and rain from the west.

Freezing temperatures and icy expanses are expected this weekend.

“The coldest temperatures are 6 to 9 degrees, fresh gusty southerly winds, changing the westerly wind after the rain stops.”


“On Saturday morning, any prolonged rain in the east will be cleared up to give a cool day with fair skies and little showers at the start, but will get easier later.

“Highest daytime temperatures are 6 to 9 degrees with moderate to crisp west and northwest breezes.”

saturday night

“Saturday night will be cold and mostly dry, although there may be a few rain showers on the northern coasts.

“The coldest temperatures are between 0 and 4 degrees with light to moderate west and northwest breezes.”

Frost remains in the Botanical Gardens, Dublin


“Sunday will be mostly dry with some bright or sunny periods early on, but tends to become more cloudy during the day with some partial rain or drizzle appearing in the west and northwest towards evening.

“Highest temperature 5 to 8 degrees, light to moderate southwest breeze.”

Sunday evening

“On Sunday evening there will be quite a lot of clouds, a little fog and drizzling rain. The lowest temperatures are from 3 to 6 degrees. “

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