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Insider's Palace Shows Hurricane Megan Shaking the Royals

If the 24 hour lasts in politics, the last six months must have been a monarchy for life.

Six months ago, the House of Windsor officially welcomed the new member when Megan Markle walked down the aisle of St. George’s chapel to become Prince Harry’s wife, the Daily Mail reports.

In doing so, she made history, becoming the first African-American woman to marry in the heart of the royal family and divorce to sit down.

However, the seismic changes that she brought in no way ended with the exchange of vows.

According to The Mail on Sunday, the new Duchess of Sussex did not waste time putting her stamp on The Firm. Determined to do something from the moment she jumps out of bed at 5 in the morning, she is a little breath of fresh air and more of a whirlwind.

In fact, "Hurricane Meghan" breaks the rules for everything from fashion to friendship, diplomacy on the labels of car doors (the duchess closes her own). Here we are exploring the few changes she brought to Windsor House …


The queen, as they say, expressed surprise that Megan, divorced, was wearing a completely white dress for her wedding – an elegant creation with boat cloth from Givenchy fashion house. But then the future Duchess of Sussex was always going to do it (or more appropriately wear it) in her own way.

This is the courage that led to anxiety among some courtiers.

Breaking the rule: Megan, pictured with Harry on his wedding day. Photos / Getty Images
Breaking the rule: Megan, pictured with Harry on his wedding day. Photos / Getty Images

“Megana is told that she needs to start dressing less than a Hollywood star and more like a royal star,” said a source in one of the fashion teams that visited Kensington Palace The Mail on Sunday.

It seems unlikely: since she first spoke publicly with her future husband, Megan has steadily challenged the royal convention, whether it is her penchant for non-British designers or her love for black – traditionally worn by the royal family only to signify mourning.

No one gave this note to Megan, who in August not only wore a black tuxedo in a musical performance of Hamilton, but also caused another friss, showing bare legs a few inches above the knee.

It is said that this rebellious spirit led to the raising of the eyebrows of the queen, who is an adherent of the rules.

While she and Megan are understood to have a warm relationship, some degree of tension was reported between the couple during their trip to Runcorn, Cheshire, in June. Megan refused to wear a hat, obviously not realizing that when the Queen’s assistants told her that the Queen would have one, this meant that Megan had to follow this example.


Six or seven a day is the number of texts that the new Duchess of Sussex sends to palace assistants with ideas and requests.

This is an early lift, up to 5 or 5 hours of rain or shine, and as they say, the palace staff have never experienced anything as distant as Megan’s great work ethic, supported only by a continuous flow of ideas on how to shape their role. Unlike his public speeches, Megan conducts a series of “secret” missions to meet with the British people, especially with good reasons.

Well-intentioned, like her, her particular brand “up and at height” of the energy of the West Coast is an inconvenient form with a more formal character of some of the palace staff.

Megan joined the Royal Family at a time when several assistants moved, including Katrina McKeever, Senior Secretary of Public Affairs, a point of contact for the Megan family, who quietly left the press service of Kensington Palace in September. In April, it was announced that Edward Lane Fox, Harry’s right hand over the past five years, would be gone sooner than many had expected.

And in the past few days, it was reported that one of Megan’s assistants, a woman called “Melissa”, flew away.

Some of those who remain, meanwhile, are behaving in such a way that this may seem unorthodox: a private assistant to the secretary Megan was shot, who seemed to have thrown the photographer out of his boss in a recent tour of Australia.


According to recent reports, William and Harry, dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, are considering a “formal separation” of their joint royal house in Kensington Palace. The split will create separate courts to reflect their increasingly different responsibilities.

Meanwhile, there are suggestions about where Harry and Megan – with the child on the road in the spring – will make their London home. Until now, it was widely expected that Sussex would move from its current two-bedroom Nottingham cottage to a luxurious 21-room apartment in Kensington Palace 1, located next to the huge house of William and Keith.

The Duchess of Sussex did not follow the example of the Queen in a hat with an official function. Photos / Getty Images
The Duchess of Sussex did not follow the example of the Queen in a hat with an official function. Photos / Getty Images

But now there is a wrench in the work – the officials, the Duke of Gloucester and his wife Birgitta, as they say, want to stay in place – and there is talk that Harry and Megan are moving further to the Palace of St. James. Meanwhile, there is talk that there was tension between the two couples behind the scenes – and in particular between Megan and Kate. Harmful gossip? Very possible. What female friendship without sharp edges?

Megan can be sure of one close and important ally: Prince Charles got in touch with his new daughter-in-law – as a result of their combined experience of growing up in a dysfunctional family.

The royal biographer Angela Levine spent the year after the prince before her 70th birthday. And, as she revealed in the Post Office on Sunday, an immaculate source close to the prince told her: “There were so many injuries and crises in the personal life of the Royal Family, from the Duke of Windsor and many royal divorces.

"That is why the troubled family background of the Duchess pushed her to Charles even more."


"We have known each other for a long time, but lately we have relied a lot on each other." These were the words uttered recently by tennis player Serena Williams about her close relationship with Megan.

This is a clear sign that the new duchess intends to dust the star on the Firm. Under her leadership, old money and even an older pedigree, traditionally a part of the inner circle of the Royal Family, joined the sports stars and A-listers.

One glance at the royal wedding guest list made it clear how much Megan was changing the landscape: Serena was just one of many entertaining figures to break into the chapel of St. George.

Others included Idris Elba, James Corden, the American chat show of Queen Oprah Winfrey, who spent the day doing yoga with Megan Doria’s mother on the eve of the wedding — and George and Amal Clooney.

The Clonays are said to be so close to the new royal couple that in August they took Megan and Harry at their luxury villa in Como.


Not surprisingly, given her strong self-esteem, Megan continues to rely on an informal team of advisors consisting of a group of dedicated close friends who have helped — and continue to help — with all aspects of her transition to royal life, from planning her wedding to organizing her wardrobe. for her first royal tour.

Lindsay Roth, one of Megan’s oldest friends since the couple met in literature class at Northwestern University in Illinois, is one of her closest allies and has recently been spotted in Kensington. The author Lindsay, 36 years old, founded the character in his novel "2015", "What lovely girls do on Megan."

Then, of course, there is Jessica Mulroney, her best friend.

A well-connected stylist based in Canada, Jessica was especially close to Megan, since the couple met on a variety of costumes a few years ago.

It is believed that she offered important help to Megan on the eve of her wedding, although Megan and Harry had two leading event organizers and food service firms who helped them.

This is Jessica, whom she called to discuss every element of the day, from the dress to the flowers and photos.

Faster ahead a few months, and again Jessica helped the duchess choose clothes for a tour of Australia.

Meanwhile, Megan Doria's mother plays an increasingly strategic role. She spent two important visits to see her daughter in the summer, staying in a rented Sussex house in the Cotswolds and is said to be considering moving to the UK full-time when her grandson was born.


Choosing a new duke and duchess of sussex in a country house says a lot about the new alliances of the couple.

While the queen is believed to have given a couple a private and secluded York cottage at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, the couple also signed a two-year lease on the property on a 400-acre estate in the Cotswolds, near the famous Mecca Soho Farmhouse, where they were not represented time.

Megan was spotted there during her visits to Britain, before she made her permanent move.

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